Speak Up, It’s Saturday

A cheerful orange tabby cat gazes down at a grey tabby cat who is very much over the whole situation. The orange at asks to borrow a squeaky mouse toy from his grey friend who quickly reminds the orange cat that he is, in fact designed to be a fierce hunter…and that if the toy is not returned, there will be consequences.

Adam (who created the Big Cat, Little Cat series,)  is doing a little traveling right now, which means Erika gets to talk to you about our new schedule and start our new Saturday series.

We’ve done a little renovating here in the Boiler Room, and so here’s a quick schedule update  to help you find your favorite features. 

Sundays will still be special features like monthly wrap ups.  Look for our September wrap up and for us to unveil our October theme tomorrow. 

Monday:  Look for new podcast episodes on Mondays now.  We’ll continue to bring you The Big Think on Mondays as well.  

Tuesday:  Most of the time, we’ll feature a True Crime Tuesday piece from Mary as we have been.  You’ll just have to wait and see what we’ve got tucked away for Mary’s days off.

Wednesday:  Wednesdays you’ll see new topical content from team members or guest writers.  Whether it’s current events or something related to the theme for the month,  we hope that you’ll find whatever you read on Wednesdays will be thought provoking and compelling.   This week, in honor of Banned Books Week, we brought you an essay from Erika about book banning, and who we’re really protecting when books are banned.

Thursdays:  Our featured writers series will run on Thursdays.  This week Allie Lynn shared some things about Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Fridays: We’ll feature what the team is watching, listening and reading as we have been, along with first person editorials and human interest stories from team members. 

Which brings us to Saturday….

We know that many of you who enjoy reading the blog are not just readers, but are writers yourselves.  We want to hear more from you and we want you to share with each other. Look for short writing prompts, questions and other tidbits for you to respond to here in the comments on the blog, in our Facebook group or on Twitter.  We’ll share a hashtag when we announce our first prompt next week, and remind you to tag @IvoryBoilerRoom,@WhatTheMamaSaw and @DrWhippersnap when you respond. For this week, we just want to hear from you-share with us your future ideas for questions and anything else on your minds.

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