Big Cat, Little Cat!

Mary’s True Crime Tuesday is off this week. But we’ll be receiving dispatches from Adam’s trip to England starting tomorrow. Apropos of which…

Script by Adam Katz, cinematography by Erika Grumet. The roles of Big Cat and Little Cat are played by Frob and Widget, respectively.



Description: Two felines, both alike in dignity, but not in size or color, in fair London where we lay our scene.
The small grey asks the large orange: “So what do you think of London so far?”
The large orange answers in Cockney: “I’m chuffed, innit?”
Second Panel.
The small grey says, as patiently as he can (which isn’t much): “Big Cat, you’re from Florida and you’ve been here for three days. Can you please just”
But the large orange interrupts: “Cheerio, Guvna!”

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