It’s Caturday and We have Questions

A cheerful orange tabby cat in the foreground looks down on his grey tabby friend and says “I don’t see why we can’t just watch the movie I want to watch.” The grey tabby responds “Because if I have to hear you say ‘Here comes the good part’again, there will be bodies.”

Clearly, these two have their rituals. They’re cats–creatures of habit, after all. In fact, with the change of seasons, the rituals change a little, too The changing angle of the sun means a change in sleeping spots and sleeping patterns. One thing doesn’t change, however, and that is the insistence that one or more of them sit in a way that will make their presence known any time Erika sits down for a long writing session. Her writing rituals, therefore, include some cat related tasks. She actually described her process to Adam recently, and it included a few intereting steps. She’ll post about it on Twitter-you can look there or comment here to find out more. What are your writing rituals? A favorite spot? A favorite beverage? A chat with a mentor? Tell us about it here in the comments or on social media and tag it with #IvoryBoilerRoomAsks. If you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to tag @IvoryBoilerRoom along with @DrWhippersnap and @WhatTheMamaSaw

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