Big Cat, Little Cat!

True Crime Tuesday is off again today–we wish Mary a speedy recovery and know she’ll be back with thrills and chills and deep psychological exploration for us soon. In the meantime, we’re bringing you another episode of Big Cat, Little Cat, and we’re going to take a moment to introduce Thursday Night Writes, a virtual writing group on Zoom. Join Erika (and upon his return from his travels, Adam as well) on Thursdays from 9-11 PM Eastern US time for a no pressure, accountability focused writing group. Get together with friends and other writers, bring whatever you’re working on, check in with your goals, and then go write for a while…whether you keep your camera on or off, we’ll be here to keep you company. We’ll make breakout rooms available as needed for people who want to chat a little or who are seeking feedback, but the focus is really just on comfortable accountability while you write. 

Let us know if you would like more groups like this, too–we know the timing of this one may not work for you, but you can suggest a time that will. 

To get the Zoom link, or with any questions please email us at or reach out to us on Twitter @IvoryBoilerRoom (for the general team) or @WhatTheMamaSaw (to reach Erika specifically)

There may even be appearances from Big Cat, Little Cat or the cat who has yet to appear here.  Inevitably, they’ll start stepping on Erika the moment she thinks of a really good sentence.

Words by Adam Katz, Photography by Erika Grumet. Big Cat and Little Cat are played by Frob and Widget, respectively.



Description: Two cats, a large orange and a small grey, sit together on a bed. The orange, with an air of unspoiled innocence, says: “Why must I sit on my human every time they try to write?” The little grey snaps: “Fool, you would tamper with millennia of tradition.”

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