It’s Caturday, We Have Questions

Two cats sit together on a bed. In the foreground Big Cat, an orange tabby looks down at his companion and asks, “Little Cat, I’m working on the acknowledgement section for my book! Any suggestions?” In the background, Little Cat, a grey tabby looks out with ennui and responds, “Thank you to my upbringing for putting a hole in my spirit that I try to fill wtih reading.”
Photo by Erika Grumet, Text by Adam Katz,

And on to our Caturday question:

This week we’re asking, “Who is the first person you show your writing to and why?” Answer here in the comments or on Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @IvoryBoilerRoom, @WhatTheMamaSaw and @DrWhippersnap and include the hashtag #IvoryBoilerRoomAsks.

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