Caturday Questions

Two cats sit on a bed. An orange tabby cat looks down at a wise but grumpy grey tabby and asks, “Little Cat, if our humans feed us everyday, why do we still hunt birds?” The grey tabby cat responds, “they know what they did.”

Another Caturday, another Big Cat, Little Cat. As I write this, Big Cat has decided to take up as much room as he possibly can next to me and rest his paw on my computer. He has opinions about what I write. He did, however provide a lot of emotional support when I wrote The R Word piece about being a sexual assault survivor, which we shared earlier this week.

And because it’s Caturday, we have to ask a question.

Which comes first for you? Plot, setting, or character? This is a question for nonfiction writers no less than fiction; for academic writers as well.

Answer us here in the comments or use #IvoryBoilerRoomAsks and tag @IvoryBoilerRoom, @WhatTheMamaSaw and @DrWhippersnap.

One thought on “Caturday Questions

  1. More often than not, it’s a word, or a phrase that pops into consciousness, Other tines, it’s a concept, or the answer to a puzzle that I may not even have known I was thinking about, or an idea that presents itself as a puzzle. When I’ve written non-fiction books, the starting point has always been the subject about whom I was going to write.

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