Caturday Questions

Two cats sit together on a bed. The Big Cat, an orange tabby, sits in the foreground looking down at his companion, Little Cat, a grey tabby. Big Cat asks, “Little Cat, do you think angels are real?” Little Cat replis, “I hope so, Big Cat. They sound delicious.”

Even Big Cat and Little Cat want treats for Halloween. Fortunately they leave mine alone, unless you count the times that they have tried sitting on the chocolates I’ve placed next to me, melting them and sometimes getting bits of chocolate on their fur.

And what would Caturday be without a question? Leave your answer here in the comments, or Tweet us @DrWhippersnap and @WhatTheMamaSaw along with @IvoryBoilerRoom. Today’s question is about plots…

One of the basic plots (seven, nine or some other number depending on who you ask,) is “Overcoming the Monster.” As writers, no matter what our genre, there’s always a monster to battle–as a writer of mostly essays and poems, my own personal demon is my own confidence. So tell us about your monster-real or imaginary, and how you defeat that monster. And enjoy the rest of your spooky weekend.

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