Curious Caturday

An orange tabby cat, Big Cat sits on a pillow, looking down at a grey tabby cat, who is also lounging on a pillow. Big Cat says “Little Cat, you seem to be in a bad mood. Is there anything I can do?” Little Cat replies, “I am? Crap. You’re right. I am.”

Big Cat and Little Cat have both been trying to help me out today–the bad weather has left me very sore. I appreciate their effort. They’re definitely trying to help out….

And speaking of helpful things…our Caturday question is about tools. I found myself expressing serious appreciation for my thesaurus this week and also the “did I really just Google that?” So, other than your pen and paper or computer or whatever you choose to write with…what are the other tools you find yourself reaching for? Someone you call on the phone? A favorite librarian? A reference book? What tool helps you with your work?

Answer us here in the comments or on Twitter. Use #CaturdayQuestions, and make sure you tag @DrWhippersnap, @WhatTheMamaSaw,@IvoryBoilerRoom and don’t forget to add @2RulesOfWriting so that you can keep following us as we transition to the new site!

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