Our Editorial Policy

The Ivory Tower Boiler Room team members are each individually responsible for their own content and posts and all opinions reflected within.  Content published with the signature of the team represents the shared opinion of the team.   Any outside content reflects the opinions of the individual author or authors who have submitted the content.   

It is a violation of our editorial policy to (1) publish any material that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from the rightful owner; (2) publish falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage the publisher or any third party; or (3) submit material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, otherwise disruptive to civil debate on the blog, or encourages conduct that would be considered as a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or violate any law.

Furthermore, the Publisher and Editor(s) of the blog may at their discretion remove submitted comments and/or other material from the blog if they have a reason to believe that the materials are in violation of the Editorial Policy.


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If you’re going to criticize someone, criticize them for what they do, not who they are.  Conflict, debate, discussion and disagreement are all part of sharing in a community.   Please be thoughtful and respectful in your comments, and remember that even with a screen in front of you, the person on the other side is still a human being worthy of  respect and human dignity.  Choose your words thoughtfully, be open to the words of others and listen at least as much as you speak.


Last Updated May 16, 2021