Shi Huiwen

Dr. Shi Huiwen’s current research interests lie in contemporary poetics, life writing, service learning, and English language pedagogy.  She has taught courses such as “Introduction to Literature in English,” “Stylistics and Rhetoric,” “English for Academic Studies,” and “Creative Writing.” Her team’s new service-learning course, “Storytelling for Understanding: Refugee Children in Hong Kong”, uses personal narratives as an instrument to facilitate deeper cultural learning and better community service. Her teaching fuses both the practical side of language learning and the critical/creative edge. Ultimately, she wishes to cultivate students to be empathetic humanists who have a global mindset. An ardent lover of language and literature, Wen believes in the magic of words and their healing power. She is also the editor-in-chief for Language Collage, a bilingual magazine to showcase her students’ and colleagues’ creative and critical work.

Wen was a guest on our podcast in November of 2020.

You can find her on:
Instagram @arwenheadinlit
And her personal website:
Wen also published an article this year on emergency remote teaching.
Language Collage has not come out yet but we’ll put a link here when it does.

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