Mid-Week Teaser

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

We just want to inform you that this week’s podcast will be a round table on LGBTQ* themes (duh). We’ll be talking about the books and other media that were fundamental in the development of our respective relationships with queerness, whether as insiders or as an allies, and about the persistence of homophobia in our lives and societies. 

We’re also going to try and talk a little bit about the influence HIV has had on the worlds of literature and arts. Forty years ago this very week, 5 cases of pneumonia (that turned out not just to be pneumonia) were reported to the CDC. 

It is appropriate to mark the occasion. But we will also try to have some fun and wax poetic about this and that, as we always do.

Now we thought it would improve our analytics if we included a thirst-trap in the post, so here is a picture of Baron Friedrick Wilhelm von Steuben, the gay, polyamorous (those labels would not even have existed) military leader who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for winning the American Revolution. Call me a Hessian mercenary because this Christmas present is to die for.

Seriously. Those eyes.
Courtesy of Wikipedia

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