(Podcast Episode) This Saturday is Seriously Sapphic

(Erika Grumet on behalf of the Ivory Tower Boiler Room team)

This episode (“Two Writers are Better Than One: Ula and Kathryn Klein talk LGBTQ+ Academic and Creative Writing”) is a true Stony Brook English department reunion. Adam and Andrew are joined by two PhD alums, Ula and Kathryn Klein who talk all things LGBTQ+ academic and creative writing. An energizing conversation ensues including writing group tips, favorite reading genres, how academic and creative writing may be more similar than we think, and of course, Adam and Andrew cracking each other up.

You can check out more about Ula and Kathryn, read their answers to our new questions, and find links to their work if you read our post “Four Seawolves on a Zoom.”

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