(Podcast Release) Should You Go to Grad School? A Discussion with Dr. Natalie Morse

This has been held in The Ivory Tower Boiler Room’s vault since February, and Adam and Andrew had such a wonderful time chatting with Dr. Natalie Morse, founder of For the Love of Grad, on a wintery Saturday night. Natalie discusses why she founded her academic consulting business and how to navigate problems faced in graduate school. Adam and Andrew enjoy another STEM and Humanities cross-disciplinary discussion, and of course, they try to show off their math knowledge to Natalie. While mostly a professional minded discussion, the discussion eventually centers on Andrew questioning whether to date or not, Natalie’s romantic academic days, and Adam thinking about going out on a date instead of recording on a Saturday night. 

Listen Here

Dr. Natalie Morse

Check out Natalie’s organization, LinkedIn, and For the Love of Grad Facebook group!



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