Midweek Teaser

Hey, folks!

The big news-item this week is that we’re gearing up for the party, half of which will be taking place on Zoom, and the other half of which will be taking place in the abode of our very own sponsor, Words Matter Bookstore. Andrew, Erika, Mary, and Adam are excited. Tiffany Sowa and Cameron Martin are excited to be guest-hosting the Zoom-event from Oklahoma and Idaho, respectively, along with Erika Grumet (who is in Florida).

Big Cat is excited! (Ok, Little Cat is excited too, but he holds his cards pretty close, so you’d have to know him pretty well to pick up on the change in vibe.)

But just because we’re excited about the party doesn’t mean we forget to do the usual fun stuff! Tune in to the Podcast this Saturday to hear us catching up with Sheila Liming–Edith Wharton scholar, college professor, bluegrass picker, bagpipe enthusiast–about her experiences doing archival research, holding the line against a university’s budget-cuts, and, of course, teaching. An important theme of the podcast is: people who want to be associated with the prestige of a university but do not want to have to pay to fund it. Dr. Liming will also hold forth on her major contribution to the digital humanities: EdithWhartonsLibrary.org.

We’re feeling festive, what with coming up on One year of magnificent teamwork, so here’s another episode of…

Big Cat Little Cat

Script by Adam Katz. Photography by Erika Grumet. Big Cat and Little Cat are played by Frob and Widget, respectively.




Description: Two identical panels, each depicting the interactions of two far-from-identical cats. The cat on the left is large and orange and looks down on his partner with a sunny disposition; the cat on the right is small and grey and looks out of the frame with an air of indeterminate frustration.
Little Cat asks: “Big Cat, do you think we should go to that open mic night at Words Matter?”
Big Cat responds: “Two words: ‘poetry,’ ‘sandwiches.'”
Little cat perks up a bit and says: “Ooh! I’ll get my coat.”
Big Cat says: “You’re… already wearing it.”

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