Friday Watch/Listen/Read (Oct 22, 2021)

Erika Writes: Daylight hours are noticeably fewer here in Orlando, lately anyway. The cooler, longer nights mean frogs on my windows sometimes, which excites the cats (especially Big Cat who would probably be the worst hunter around if he had to actually catch something, because his excitement is audible.) It also means more hours forContinue reading “Friday Watch/Listen/Read (Oct 22, 2021)”

(Andrew’s Bookshelf 7/18): Tonys 2021: Will the Artists take Center-Stage?

Andrew Reads (and Laughs along with) New York Times Theater Critic Jesse Green For this Sunday’s bookshelf feature, I want to discuss my reading of Jesse Green’s “A Chance to Fix the Tonys, and So Many Things to Fix” (released on June 2nd as a Critic’s Notebook feature).  I’m still trying to feel my feetContinue reading “(Andrew’s Bookshelf 7/18): Tonys 2021: Will the Artists take Center-Stage?”

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