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Celia Laskey, author of Under the Rainbow (her debut novel) joins Andrew and Mary to discuss so many insightful questions that speak to writing an LGBTQ+ novel in the 21st century. Here are a few questions she addresses: What is it like to write an LGBTQ+ novel as someone from the community? Where does homophobia actually come from? How do you represent all different members of the LGBTQ+ community as an author? Why does the LGBTQ+ community in America’s coastal metropolitan areas need to understand the nuances of Small Town LGBTQ+ America? 

Then, Celia answers Andrew’s Stony Brook University students’ questions about her novel. Andrew has taught Under the Rainbow twice so his students have provided such interesting perspectives on the themes in this novel. One exciting question addresses Celia’s interpretation of Taylor Swift as a queer musical artist. Thanks to Andrew’s students for their amazing analyses! 

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Dana Wilkey joins Andrew in The Ivory Tower Boiler Room with all of her Gossip and Reality TV expertise! Dana is the host of the podcast and Patreon, Dishing Drama With Dana Wilkey and DecaDish Gossip, her exclusive YouTube channel. Dana is a former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member and with her Housewives insider knowledge she appeared on both The Housewife and the Hustler and The Housewife and the Shah Shocker (streaming on Hulu). 

Why does Dana call herself the rebellious Bravolebrity? She indulges Andrew by breaking down her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills scenes and reveals the behind the scenes of her time on the show. Dana reveals why she bought those $25,000 sunglasses and the psychology behind her materialism and why viewers labeled her “pretentious.” She explains her thoughts when Brandi Glanville was accusing Kim Richards of doing drugs in Dana’s bathroom. And what would Dana do differently if she went back on Beverly Hills now? She then opens up about being an LGBTQ+ ally and a teaching moment that happened with SaraJane Warner. She explains why having difficult and open conversations is much more important than shutting down a conversation you disagree with.  

Andrew of course expresses his flirtation towards Dana’s producer, Casey Hanley. Is there a potential new love interest for Andrew, only time will tell? Will Andrew get to meet Dana and David Yontef in the Hamptons this summer? He is definitely manifesting it! 

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Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey podcast:

DecaDish Gossip with Dana Wilkey (YouTube channel):

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Andrew is joined with David Yontef who is a self-made millionaire, Reality TV Insider and Host of the Award Winning Podcast Behind The Velvet Rope. David begins the interview explaining that Margaret Josephs told him he needs to make a business out of his Real Housewives connections. And he did just that after attending a dinner with Dolores Catania, Ramona Singer, Kelly Dodd, and her husband Rick Leventhal. Margaret, Andrew thanks you immensely for encouraging David, and thanks David for serving as Andrew’s podcast mentor!

There are so many highlights from this episode but here are a few to wet your Reality TV appetite. How did David become good friends with both Kim D. and Margaret Josephs from Real Housewives of New Jersey? Why has David not had certain Reality TV guests on his show (looking at you Brandi Glanville)? Andrew jokes with David about the brother and sister relationship between David and Dana Wilkey. You may hear from Dana soon! Don’t worry Dana, David is just a little shady 🙂  There are so many special shout outs in this episode including Kathryn Edwards, Elyse Slaine, Sarah Fraser, Steve Gold (call David!), Joe Gorga (call Andrew!), Jeff Lewis, Megan Weaver, Lea Black, Evan Goldschneider, and Frank Catania Jr.. 

Andrew and David bond over their love for Eboni K. Williams, and David shares his Real Housewives of New York future season predictions.  And has David Yontef reconciled with Jill Zarin? Listen to David’s special RHONY episode:

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Come step Behind The Velvet Rope with all your favorite TV stars and pop culture icons with host David Yontef as he asks his guests all the pressing questions YOU want answered!

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The Ivory Tower Boiler Room is so happy to celebrate National Poetry Month, and we’re pleased to welcome Dr. Susan Holbrook who discusses her second edition of How to Read (and Write About) Poetry (published by Broadview Press). 

Dr. Holbrook, Andrew, and guest co-host, Dr. Kim Coates explore why the general public is nervous around poetry and how to overcome this anxiety. Dr. Holbrook explains what it means for her to balance being a poet, devoted poetry reader, and professor of poetry. 

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We welcome Helana back again to The Ivory Tower Boiler Room for our first ever Book Corner episode!

Dr. Helana Darwin sits down with Andrew to discuss her new book Redoing Gender: How Nonbinary Gender Contributes Toward Social Change. Helana is an author who has written about gender, religion, Body Positivity, craft beer culture, and sexual abuse in the academy. 

Redoing Gender: How Nonbinary Gender Contributes toward Social Change illuminates the everyday labor that gender nonbinary people perform in order to achieve social recognition. In keeping with the famous “doing gender” sociological model, Dr. Darwin analyzes this process at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and institutional levels, through in-depth interviews with 47 nonbinary people.

To order Redoing Gender head on over to Springer Link or Amazon:

To learn more about Helana, head on over to her website:

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Andrew is so thrilled to be reunited and joined by his Kean University undergraduate mentor, Dr. Jan Balakian.

Jan talks about her new play Dreams on Fire which will have a Zoom reading on April 27th at 5pm. 

Use this link to watch the reading:

Dreams on Fire tells the story of the Armenian Genocide and the traumatic effects on future generations. When Jan was a PhD student at Cornell, she won a Cornell playwriting prize for her play in 1989; this achievement sparked the creation of Dreams on Fire.

Dreams follow the events of an Armenian-American college student who has a nervous breakdown during a 2016 exam week. While his grandmother and a classmate helped him recover, he began to link his condition to the Armenian Genocide. The connection explores the transmission of trauma across generations and the impact the Armenian Genocide has on the past, present, and future.

Projections from 1915, The Palisades of NJ, Arshile Gorky, Facing History’s text, NY Times headlines, the Turkish Coup of 2016 are part of the production, along with the melancholy sound of the duduk (Armenian wind instrument), and Katie Melua’s Dreams on Fire sung by Aram.

Dreams on Fire brings to light a vital subject in our global history and shows how trauma can linger for decades.

To read more about Jan, please head here:

And while you’re at it, make sure to follow Jan and Kean University on Twitter, @BalakianJan@KeanUniversity

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This week is National Library Week so we thought why not bring you all a special bonus episode! Andrew is joined with librarians, Emily Ostrander and Darla Salva Cruz, and the three all discuss their favorite library memories and the importance of literature in their life. 

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CW: sexual assault and trauma 

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We talk to Mona Awad about her 2021 novel All’s Well and discuss how she turned to Shakespeare for literary inspiration. Then, Mona discusses how her own personal journey with chronic pain made its way into her novel. And, she explains how Miranda Fitch, her protagonist struggles with academic pressure and chronic pain while trying to direct and stage All’s Well That Ends Well. Mona explains the similarity between All’s Well and Bunny (her 2019 award winning novel). If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, then this is a must listen!

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What an episode to kickoff our Spring 22 season! 

We’re ecstatic to feature Taylor Ferber, pop culture provocateur and host of the “Cancel Me, Baby” podcast. She discusses her thoughts on #CancelCulture, the #MeToo movement in reference to her interview with Joe Francis (creator of “Girls Gone Wild”), and we do a deep dive of “Pam and Tommy,” “And Just Like That,” and “Euphoria.” These TV shows lead us all to an exciting and intense discussion of Porn and Media studies. 

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Taylor’s “Talk to Me Taylor” website featuring her podcast, red carpet interviews, and writing:

“Cancel Me, Baby” Podcast:

Taylor’s merchandise:

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We’re delighted to present a truly special interview with author Gregory Maguire who discusses all things Wicked with Andrew. From what inspired him to write about the Wicked Witch of the West, a heartwarming story about when he knew he had to write the novel, his reaction to the musical adaptation, and what he knows about a future TV adaptation. You don’t want to miss this interview which also includes anecdotes about Carole Shelley and Idina Menzel. 

Be sure to check out Gregory Maguire’s website which includes links to all of his fiction, including his recent release The Brides of Maracoor.

And if you haven’t yet, you must read Wicked

You can follow Gregory Maguire on Instagram, @gregorymaguire

Andrew’s “Lit. and Broadway Musical” Student Corner:

(Educational Fair Use) We truly appreciate Decca Broadway for such thrilling Wicked music. 

Stream the album here:

You can find Wicked‘s 15th Anniversary album and many more cast albums here:

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Welcome to our bonus episode with author J.P. Garland who shares Andrew’s enthusiasm with Gilded Age Literature and history and discusses why he was drawn to writing historical fiction based in 19th-century New York City!

You can find J.P. Garland’s books here:

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True Crime and thriller literature lovers you don’t want to miss our incredible interview with author Megan Collins. Her discussion features two distinct parts, the first a conversation about how she defines the thriller genre and why she is so drawn to this genre. The second, a deep dive of her novel The Family Plot which features a discussion about how True Crime takes centerstage with the Lighthouse family, and many spoilers that she dissects! 

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And click here for the audiobook read by Emily Tremaine:

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Join the dynamic duo of Andrews, Andrew Rimby and our featured guest, Andrew Kaplan the director and producer of the recent Walt Whitman documentary, In Search of Walt Whitman. They discuss the power of music in his documentary, how he approached Whitman’s themes on the body and sex, and why it’s so important to visit places that the author experienced. 

Watch the video version of this interview and become a Patreon subscriber:

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Watch In Search of Walt Whitman on PBS:

Film Description: This engaging film tells the story of Walt Whitman’s remarkable life (1819-1892), the turbulent era in which he lived, and the timeless poetry he created. Interweaving narration and dramatic readings with captivating period music, insights from scholars, and photography filmed in key locations, this documentary brings to life Whitman’s unique character and poems.

Remember you can also access it on Hoopla via your public library:

Welcome to our Roaring 20s Great Gatsby party where you’re invited to meet Dr. Michael Nowlin who will be your scholarly guide to The Great Gatsby. We hope you have such a festive time celebrating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel with us, talking about Edith Wharton, Ernest Hemingway, and discussing Long Island’s Gold Coast.

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Andrew is joined with Dr. Stephen Guy-Bray who queers the Shakespeare canon, and with his scholarly expertise, explains what it means to provide a queer and homoerotic approach to Shakespeare’s oeuvre. Get ready to learn why the queerness of a text is in the hands of its reader. 

To see more of Dr. Stephen Guy-Bray’s work head here:

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You can find his book Shakespeare and Queer Representation (2020) on Routledge’s site:

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Educational Fair Use: Thanks to Ghostlight Records for “Welcome to the Renaissance” (from Something Rotten!). 

Dawn Delikat, Executive Director of Pen and Brush, joins the entire Ivory Tower Boiler Room team (yes all three of us are on the podcast!) to discuss what it means to view art as the ultimate democratic connector to bring people together. A few highlights include Dawn dissecting her theory that “art is the democratic version of history” as well as why it’s so important not to lose artistic voices of all different identities. Dawn is a wealth of knowledge and we had such a wonderful time talking with her that we might even need to have a second part in the future! 

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Dr. Mario Telo, Professor of Ancient Greek and Roman Studies, and Comparative Lit., at UC Berkeley, joins Andrew to first address what makes Ancient Greek Literature such a queer and homoerotic source. Then, they get into discussions on why “class” is so important in the word “Classics,” what male same-sex relationships looked like in ancient Greece, and Mario gets into how he approaches writing and teaching Greek drama. 

Make sure to follow Mario on his Instagram, @telo_mario. And, to see more of his research and writing head here:

To look into his 2020 book, Archive Feelings: A Theory of Greek Tragedy head here:

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We also give an extensive book list so here are a few of those titles (get ready to read):Plato’s Symposium: Aristophanes’ Lysistrata:  Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles: Mary Renault’s The Persian Boy: Donna Zuckerberg’s Not All Dead White Men: Caroline Winterer’s The Culture of Classicism: 

(Content Warning: discussions about sexual assault and trauma)

Aaron Hamburger, writer of Nirvana Is Here, talks with Andrew about how he approached writing a novel that explores Queer desire, trauma, and Jewish identity in the segregated suburbs of Detroit. Aaron’s book has been highly praised and won the Bronze Medal in the 2019 Foreword Indies Book Awards. 

“Combine the sensuality and haunting nostalgia of Andre Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name with the raw emotion of Kurt Cobain’s songwriting, then set it to a 90s-era grunge soundtrack, and you’ve got Nirvana Is Here.”

Follow Aaron Hamburger on Instagram, @aaronhamburger1.  

To learn more about Aaron and his work, explore his website:

To purchase Nirvana is Here head on over to:

To listen to Charlie Thurston read Nirvana is Here, head to Audible:

Watch the Zoom video of this interview on our Patreon,

Robert Jones Jr. joins Andrew, Mary, and Ceren in The Ivory Tower Boiler Room to discuss his 2021 New York Times bestselling novel, The Prophets. He provides a behind the scenes discussion of how this much talked about Black queer love story came to be. Our discussion dives deep into who Robert turns to for literary inspiration, specifically Harriet Jacobs, Frederick Douglass, James Baldwin, and Toni Morrison. He explains the musicality of his prose, and you’ll be surprised with one of the major inspirations. As Robert says, his novel really “needed to sing”! There is much to ponder and reflect on in this episode and be ready for many important book suggestions. 

As author Marlon James reminds us on the cover of The Prophets, Robert Jones Jr.’s Black queer love story is “Glorious…What the American novel is, should do, and can be.” 

Follow Robert Jones Jr. on Instagram, @thesonofbaldwin and Twitter, @SonofBaldwin. Make sure to follow Robert Jones Jr.’s Son of Baldwin which is a social-justice, social-media community that he created and curates on Facebook, @SonofBaldwin

To purchase The Prophets head here:

To hear actor Karen Chilton beautifully read The Prophets head to Audible:

Listen to our entire unedited interview with Robert Jones Jr., including an extra 40 minutes of discussion! So head on over to our Patreon page:

For our last 2021 Ivory Tower Boiler Room interview, Andrew is joined by Dr. Bryant Simon, writer of Boardwalk of Dreams (2004) to talk all things nostalgic and historic about Atlantic City, New Jersey. The conversation ranges from Atlantic City’s late-19th-century to its 21st-century history. A few topics include the history of the Miss America pageant, how Atlantic City became a middle-class resort city, its racially segregated history, its Jewish American history, its LGBTQ+ history, and how to categorize Atlantic City now? Dr. Simon even breaks down the Boardwalk Empire series! This is a must listen for all who want to learn more about the history of a city that Andrew holds near and dear, Atlantic City. 

To find out more about our guest, Dr. Bryant Simon, head on over to his Temple University page: Follow Dr. Bryant Simon on Twitter, @BryantSimon. To purchase Boardwalk of Dreams either click the title (remember it’s a hyperlink) or head here:

And while you’re at it, make sure to order Dr. Simon’s Everything But the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks (2011):

Josh reveals the behind the scenes of working in Hollywood as a publicist and now as a Hollywood producer. He then discusses his writing process for both Porn Again and Enemies Closer. Josh’s discussion about coming out leads Andrew and Josh to openly discuss their approach to consuming pornography and the importance of sexual education. Follow Josh Sabarra on Instagram, @joshsabarra, Twitter, @JoshSabarra, and Facebook, /JoshSabarraAuthor. Head on over to his website where you can purchase his catchy merchandise:

To purchase Porn Again: A Memoir go here: To purchase Enemies Closer go here: If anyone wants signed or personalized copies, they’re available by calling Barnes & Noble at The Grove in LA or through Book Soup in LA.

Andrew highly recommends the Audible versions of Josh’s books as well (Josh reads Porn Again!) so head on over to:

To order Robert Jones Jr.’s The Prophets go here:

Andrew and Mary are joined with creative writer, Micah Nemerever who provides a deep dive into his 2020 novel, These Violent Delights. They get into the queer Jewish themes in his book as well as such vivid psychological thriller moments. Andrew and Mary may still be having Hitchcockian nightmares! While asking intense questions about where violent tendencies stem from, there is also a lot of humor and lightness, like Micah surprising Andrew and Mary with a special furry friend. 

Check out Micah Nemerever’s personal website! Follow Micah Nemerever on Instagram, @micahnem and Twitter, @nemerevermore.

To purchase Micah’s These Violent Delights go to Words Matter Bookstore. And head on over to Audible to hear Michael Crouch read These Violent Delights

Follow Lev AC Rosen on Instagram, @levacrosen, and Twitter, @LevACRosen. You can find Camp at Words Matter Bookstore. And, you can listen to his audiobook (read by Drew Caiden) on Audible

To find Lev’s other books mentioned in this episode (including Jack of Hearts) head over to his personal website!

Andrew is joined by Dr. Dustin Friedman, Associate Professor of Literature at American University. Follow Dr. Dustin Friedman on Twitter, @dustin82, and Instagram, @dustinfriedman. You can purchase Dustin’s book, Before Queer Theory at Words Matter Bookstore.

Thanks for “Sagittarius” Sophie! Check out Anne Sophie Andersen’s Seasons promo video. Composer: Anne Sophie Andersen (follow her on Instagram, @anne_sophie_andersen), Dancer: Daisy Payero, Video: Cecilie Beck Kronborg (follow her on Instagram, @ceciliebeckofficial

That’s My Opinion! The Real Story Behind the Real Housewives with Brian Moylan

President and Founder of The Housewives Institute, Brian Moylan pulls back the curtain on the Real Housewives, and there are so many topics we cover from the current season of Salt Lake City, to the Beverly Hills reunion, the last season of New York, and the upcoming Ultimate Girls Trip. Follow Brian on Instagram and Twitter, @brianjmoylan. Make sure you check out Brian’s book The Housewives: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewives (2021). And, indulge in listening to his audiobook (he reads it!). Check out Brian’s Vulture articles and sign up for his Real Housewives newsletter. And, listen to his current podcast, The 12 Gays of Christmas

To read the exchange between Eboni K. Williams and Brian Moylan click on their names. Read Brian’s recent, NBC News, op-ed on Bravo and structural racism

Thanks to Meghan Buckley, for her Real Housewives obsession and for being this week’s guest co-host. You can follow Meghan on Twitter and Instagram

Steven Rowley’s The Guncle, Our November Book Club

We thank you all for listening and please check out our show notes (click our hyperlinks)! Follow Steven Rowley on Instagram, @mrstevenrowley. You can purchase The Guncle from Words Matter Bookstore in-person or online (an independent bookstore in Pitman, NJ). And, remember that Steven reads his own audiobook so check it out on Audible! Make sure to head on over to Steven’s website

Gail Crowther on the Rebellion of Sylvia Plath & Anne Sexton Content Warning: discussions about mental health, suicide, and sexual abuse  

Follow Gail Crowther on Instagram and Twitter, @crowther_gail, and you can purchase her book, Three-Martini Afternoons at the Ritz: The Rebellion of Sylvia Plath & Anne Sexton at Words Matter Bookstore. And, if you would like to listen to the audiobook, it can be found on Audible. Listen to Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton read their poetry! Thanks to my guest co-host, Kelsey Dufresne who you can follow on Twitter and Instagram, @kvdufresne. 

Brenda Harris’s Journey from a Pig Farm to the Opera House Check out Brenda’s site to learn more about her work and hear her different repertoire. Follow us on Instagram, @ivorytowerboilerroom and Twitter, @ivoryboilerroom. We’d love to hear from you so email us at Check out Mary’s new Instagram page, @truecrimeinacademia. Thanks to Anne Sophie Andersen for our October theme song “Scorpio.” Thanks to the Des Moines Metro Opera for the audio of Brenda as Elektra in Strauss’ opera.

Dr. Lavelle Porter on The Blackademic Life and Antiracist Pedagogy Dr. Lavelle Porter joins Andrew and guest co-host, Adam Katz to discuss his 2019 book The Blackademic Life: Academic Fiction, Higher Education, and the Black Intellectual. Check out the episode notes.

Let the Record Show, a Conversation with Sarah Schulman Sarah Schulman joins Andrew to discuss her 2021 book Let the Record Show: A Political History of ACT UP New York, 1987-1993. Check out the episode notes.

P.J. Vernon’s “Bath Haus,” Our October Book Club Author Interview P.J. Vernon joins Andrew and guest co-host, Mary DiPipi to discuss his 2021 book Bath Haus: A Thriller. We welcome P.J. as our first Ivory Tower Boiler Room Book Club author, and we couldn’t have picked a more fitting book to start off our October season. Check out the episode notes.

Peculiar Affairs in Academia with Dr. Michael Nevradakis
Dr. Nevradakis’ interview acts as a sort of “Professor Is In” case study. He opens up about what to do when your academic advisor falls off the map, and how to figure out a fulfilling academic pathway when the odds are stacked against you. He gets into the dreaded sense of imposter syndrome and paranoia that PhD students are faced with and how to work through this. Episode notes, including a link to Dr Nevradakis’ podcast are available here.

The Professor is In Meets The Ivory Tower Boiler Room
The Professor Is In team, Dr. Karen Kelsky and Kel Weinhold join Adam and Andrew in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. Their discussion centers on ending gaslighting and how to push for more equity in academia. Click here for show notes and episode details.  

Teaching and Writing to Transgress
Andrew is joined by Drs. Kimberly Cox, Shannon Draucker, and Doreen Thierauf to discuss the behind the scenes of academic editing.  Don’t miss the companion special episode linked below, featuring a recording of Andrew reading his article. Click here for additional show notes and read the complete journal here.

Andrew Reads His Article “Talking Back to Walt Whitman…”
In this special episode Andrew reads his article “Talking Back to Walt Whitman…” You can read the article here.

(A Special Rebroadcast) The Performing Arts During a Pandemic with Renee Chambers Liciaga
We celebrate Broadway’s reopening with Renee Chambers Liciaga’s October 2020 interview “The Performing Arts During a Pandemic.” View show notes and photos here. A video version of this interview is also available on YouTube.

(Season Finale) Our First Year is in the Books an Open Mic Poetry Event
We celebrate our first birthday with open mic poetry events both in person and online. Enjoy readings from Ivory Tower Boiler Room fans and contributors of original work and work from other favorite poets. For more about the poets and the event, check out this blog post. Interested in writing for us? Send us an email.

Happy First Birthday to the Ivory Tower Boiler Room
Revisit our very first episode with us.

Coming Out Twice: a Queer Jewish Writer’s Identity with Lev Raphael (Part III)
Part III of Andrew and Erika’s conversation with award winning author Lev Raphael, where conversation focuses on the mainstreaming of queer culture, and on generational trauma–queer and otherwise. Find episode notes and additional information here.

How to Write a Sex Scene A Conversation with Lev Raphael (Part II)
Part II of Andrew and Erika’s conversation with Lev Raphael includes conversations about writing sex scenes, queer literature books that are or should be) turned into films, and more. Show notes available here, along with links to Lev Raphael’s mentoring program Write Without Borders.

The Age of…Dr. Sheila Liming’s Digital Humanities and Edith Wharton Work (and Much More)
An interview with Dr Sheila Liming about archival research, teaching and coping with budget cuts. For more information, a link to Dr Liming’s article “My University is Dying” and video of her musical performances, check out the show notes here.

Lev Raphael: On Being (and Not Being) a Queer Jewish Writer (Part 1)
Part I of Andrew and Erika’s conversation with award winning author of 27 books, Lev Raphael, about paying attention to details, getting away from your roots, and transmitting history without transmitting trauma. Read more about the episode and find links to Lev Raphael’s website and mentoring program in the show notes.

Special Episode: Dr. Helana Darwin’s #MeToo PhD Series (Part Two)
Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Grooming, and Suicidal Ideation
The Ivory Tower Boiler Room brings you an interivew with award-winning author, mother, scholar, and qualtatie research specialist Dr Helana Darwin where she shares her story of abuse at the hands of her own dissertation advisor. Find resources and show notes here and visit Dr Darwin’s website, here.

Backstage with Jesse Green, the Chief Theater Critic for The New York Times
Jesse Green, Chief Theater Critic for The New York Times brings his wisdom about writing, theater and journalism to the Boiler Room during a conversation with Adam and Andrew. Episode notes are available on our blog.

Special Episode: Dr. Helana Darwin’s #MeToo PhD Series (Part One)
Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Grooming, and Suicidal Ideation
The Ivory Tower Boiler Room brings you an interivew with award-winning author, mother, scholar, and qualtatie research specialist Dr Helana Darwin where she shares her story of abuse at the hands of her own dissertation advisor. Find resources and show notes here and visit Dr Darwin’s website, here.

July Round Table: What is a Teacher? What is a Classroom?
Mary, Andrew, Adam and Erika sit down and talk about what teaching means to each of them, what a classroom really is, and the different roles education has played in their lives. See recommendations for favorite films and books about education and other show notes on the blog.

Should You Go to Grad School? A Discussion with Dr Natalie Morse
Adam and Andrew chat with Dr Natalie Morse, founder of the academic consultig business For the Love of Grad. Find show notes and more information about Dr Morse’s business here.

The Closet in the Library: A Broadview Press Book Launch of the Victorian Era Anthology
Adam and Andrew talk with editors Kate Flint and Jason Rudy about the newest edition of Broadview Press’ Victorian Era anthology with an emphasis on how this edition ampliefies queer, Jewish, BIPOC and female voices. Find links to the book, information about the editors and digital humanities resources for teaching Victorian studies through a positive, race conscious lens, see the episode notes.

Two Writers are Better than One
Stony Brook Alumni Kathryn and Ula Klein join Andrew and Adam to talk all things LGBTQ+ academic and creative writing. For links to Ula and Kathrn’s writing see the show notes.

(A Pride Month Special) The Real Housewives of Academia
Take a humorous, behind the scenes peek at what goes on behind the Boiler Room door.

Erika and Andrew’s Endnote to the Pride 2021 Roundtable
Some final thoughts on the queerness and allyship discussion. For more information and importan allyship resources, see the show notes available here.

Queerness and Allyship (Part II)
A conversation between Andrew, Mary, Adam and Erikaabout queer literature, Pride, allyship and queer mentors. For links to resources and media mentioned in this episode, see the notes available here.

Pride 2021: Queerness and Allyship-An Ivory Tower Boiler Room Round Table (Part I)
Andrew, Adam, Mar and Erika check in and talk about what Pride means to them, LGBTQ+ media and LGBTQ+ literature. For links to materials and poems discussed in the episode, visit our show notes.

Happy Birthday Walt Whitman (a 202nd Birthday Extravaganza)
A celebration of the poet Walt Whitman, brought to ou in partnership with The Walt Whitman Initiative. For more informaion about The Walt Whtiman Initiative and other resources, visit our show notes page.

Inside the Boiler Room: The Writers’ Round Table (Part II)
Adam, Andrew, Erika and Mary talk about what drives their writing passions and about who their audiences actually are.
Find information about the episode, and a link to the YouTube video here.

Inside the Boiler Room: The Writers’ Round Table (Part I)
Andrew, Adam, Mary and Erika sit down for a conversation about what it means to each of them to be a writer.

Where the STEM and Humanities Meet: Two Humanities Guys and a Physicist Walk into a Zoom
Dr Thomas Videbaek joins Adam and Andrew to talk about “viscous fingering” and art. For images to explain more, see here and here.

The Poetry Playhouse (an inagural event)
A virtual poetry reading of favoriet poems by Ivory Tower Boiler Room members and friends. For more information about the poems in this episode, see the notes here.

(Spring Season Premier) Overture to the Spring Season

Grad School Interrupted: A Discussion of Mental Health in the University in 2 Parts (Part II)
Content Warning: Content Warning: This episode contains intense discussions about depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual assault, violence, and other mental health issues
For a list of mental health and sexual assault resources curated by The Ivory Tower Boiler Room Team please click here.

Grad School Interrupted: A Discussion of Mental Health in the University in 2 Parts (Part I)
Content Warning: Content Warning: This episode contains intense discussions about depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual assault, violence, and other mental health issues
For a list of mental health and sexual assault resources curated by the Ivory Tower Team, Please click here.

Freed Verse: A Conversation on Academia and Public Engagement with Dr. Karen Karbiener
For more about Dr. Karbiener, see her bio. For texts discussed in this episode, and other notes, click here.

Repurposing Your PhD with Adam Capitanio

(Special Episode) Pulling Back the Curtain on Writing During the Apocalypse
A visit with some of the writers who have participated in The Ivory Tower Boiler Room’s writing group, and a discussion about goals for 2021. For more about the goals and participants click here.

Starting from Paumanok with Caitlyn Shea (Part II)
Caitlyn continues her conversation about adapting to virtual programming at the Whitman Birthplace, discussing Whitman during a period of racial and social justice movements, and her work as a professional artist.

Starting from Paumanok with Caitlyn Shea (Part 1)
Caitlyn Shea is the Event and Media Director at the Walt Whitman Birthplace and talks to Andrew and Adam about programming during a pandemic and about her work as an artist.

(Part Two) Sing We and Chaunt It: Continuing our Conversation with Emily O’Brien
Emily O’Brien, musician and teacher joins Adam and Andrew in the Boiler Room for a conversation. You can view her website here, and her YouTube chanel here.

(Part One) Sing We and Chaunt It: Continuing our Conversation with Emily O’Brien
Emily O’Brien, musician and teacher joins Adam and Andrew in the Boiler Room for a conversation. You can view her website here, and her YouTube chanel here.

Running AMOC with Matt Aucoin (or Matt and Andrew Geek Out Over Whitman)
Composer, conductor, pianist and 201 MacArthur Fellow Matt Aucoin visits The Ivory Tower Boiler Room. For show notes, please click here.

(Special Episode) Poetry and Healing During the COVID Crisis with Dr. Susan Scheckel
Dr. Susan Scheckel’s talk explores why readers are turning, now more than ever, to Whitman’s poetry in the 21st century, and asks “why does Whitman’s Spirit feel so relevant right now in 2020?”
Dr Scheckel’s presentation is available for viewing here.

Bonus Recap Episode: The Cambridge Companion to the Ivory Tower Boiler Room
Adam and Andrew discuss the themes and interviews that happened in Season One. Think of this as our Cliffs Notes to Season One.

Balancing Academics and Motherhood in a Time of Protest
We continue our discussion with Dr. Shi Huiwen as she describes balancing academics and motherhood while face to face with protests. For more about the events that were taking place in Hong Kong, see resources here and here.

Dr. Shi’s Reflections and Illuminations on Organization, Academics, Motherhood, and Civil Unrest
Dr Shi Huiwen visits the Boiler Room and takes Andrew and Adam on a journey through theory where they discuss Seamus Heaney, Walter Benjamin, and the difficulties of writing a dissertation while pregnant. You can find Dr Shi’s bio and other links here.

Showing Up for Your Community with Lisa Aamodt
Lisa Aamodt is the Limud Education Director at Congregation Tifereth Israel. In this episode, Andrew and Adam discuss Lisa’s innovative strategies for connecting the students at her Hebrew School during the pandemic. This is an important conversation about what we value as educators.
Find additional information and resources here.

Growing up in a Hamlet (with Dr. Bente Videbaek)
This week our guest shares her unusual path to her doctorate and her unique approach to teaching/mentorship. For episode notes and book recommendations, click here.

This week’s guest, Joe Labriola’s interests may seem unrelated, but as you’ll learn, they make sense once you get to know him.  Find show notes and information here.

What’s the difference between “urban” and “metropolitan”? Let’s ask Dr. Sophia Basaldua-Sun.
Dr. Basaldua-Sun is an independent scholar of Comparative Literature. Episode notes include a glossary and bibliography.

(Special Episode) The Performing Arts During a Pandemic (with Renee Chambers Liciaga)
Andrew’s former director, Renee Chambers Liciaga is a professional dancer, choreographer, and performing arts educator who speaks to how to approach the performing arts during the pandemic. She discusses how she choreographed Disney’s Tarzan outside at the Elmwood Zoo in Norristown, PA. Photos and videos are available here.

If It’s Not Awkward, It’s Not Anthropology with Shweta Krishnan
Shweta Krishnan, PhD candidate in Anthropology at George Washington University Joins Adam and Andrew to talk about her fieldwork and about how bafflingly difficult it can be to do anthropological research in a way that is respectful towards the people you are writing about.
Find a bibliograph and glossary here.

Queer People in Shared Spaces with Stephanie Bonvissuto
Stephanie Bonvissuto, a scholar from Stony Brook’s Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her research explores how culture grows out of shared spaces, and in particular how queer and gender-nonconforming people have been excluded from those spaces.

Surviving a PhD Program in the U.S. with Shruti Mukherjee
PhD wisdom says don’t change your dissertation committee. Shruti from Stony Brook’s Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies talks about the frustrations of being an international student in a US graduate program and about changing her committee not once, but twice.

Literary History from a Non-European Perspective with Ignacio Choi
We welcome Ignacio Choi, a scholar of Comparative Literature to The Ivory Tower Boiler Room.

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