Meet Andrew

By Andrew Rimby

Hi Ivory Tower Boiler Room listeners–and now readers of an immersive website that I can’t even believe is happening. It was in July, of 2020, that I first posted a Facebook inquiry to ask if anyone watching my feed would: 

1. Be curious listening to a podcast about scholars, writers, and artists in general? 

2. Who would like to join me in this podcast venture?

Adam reached out to me right away and said he would join hands with me as a co-host. Now, 9 months since our first planning meeting discussing what the Ivory Tower Boiler Room would look like, we have an opportunity to interact with our fellow writers and listeners in such a collaborative way. For example, my public scholarly talks and walking tours (offered in collaboration with the Whitman Birthplace and the Port Washington Library) can now be shared via the Ivory Tower Boiler Room blog space. I can’t wait to interact with our community and be in conversation with such diverse voices. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this blog space evolves.

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