Meet Adam

By Adam Katz For me, this blog is part of a larger shift in focus from academic writing to personal writing. For a year after grad school, I was trying to force myself to read academic articles, and, ultimately, to write one of my own. And now I’m reading science fiction books instead, and writingContinue reading “Meet Adam”

Meet Tiffany

By Tiffany Sowa I came to the Ivory Tower Boiler Room writing group through a friend…who I’ve never actually met in real life. But hey, it’s the internet and things happen sometimes.  I had just finished my MFA. Mary and I were classmates, and she was also finishing her degree while working on her thesisContinue reading “Meet Tiffany”

Meet Mary

By Mary DiPipi Last October, I had gotten an invite to join a Facebook group from an old friend from musical theatre camp. We hadn’t talked in years, liking each other’s posts here and there. At first, I was skeptical. Most times you get an invite to a Facebook group, it’s usually someone trying toContinue reading “Meet Mary”

Meet Erika

By Erika Grumet A little more than six months ago, well into the COVID-19 pandemic, and feeling the need to insert some structure into my own life, I signed up for a workshop “Feminist Midrash: Femme Fatale or Fierce Woman Warrior.”  This was definitely an out of character thing to do; I’d stopped writing anythingContinue reading “Meet Erika”

Meet Andrew

By Andrew Rimby Hi Ivory Tower Boiler Room listeners–and now readers of an immersive website that I can’t even believe is happening. It was in July, of 2020, that I first posted a Facebook inquiry to ask if anyone watching my feed would:  1. Be curious listening to a podcast about scholars, writers, and artistsContinue reading “Meet Andrew”

We have a blog!

We have a blog! And it is our distinct pleasure to introduce it to all of you! There has been a real atmosphere of excitement at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room surrounding the creation of this website in general, and this blog in particular. Andrew, who is usually so reserved, has been positively giddy, andContinue reading “We have a blog!”

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