Quick Note for our Readers

We have been watching the analytics with some amusement:

-observing a spike in readership from Germany and a lesser one from India.

-Es macht uns Freude, immer mehr Leser in Deutschland zu sehen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie unseren Blog mit Ihren Freunden teilen und weiterhin lesen und kommentieren.

-a few readers here and there from every continent north of Antarctica.

-casi cada día, un lector de Ecuador. Debe ser el mismo lector cada vez, ¿qué no? La situación alternativa seria muy coincidencia, nos parece.

In short, we made this blog to connect with our readers and we feel all the gratitude and challenge of our audience being so far away from us. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Okay, we are not going to share a primary language, nor, perhaps, favorite foods, nor are we going to be able to use each other’s plugs and power outlets without one of those adapters (sorry those things are just abominable. What were we talking about?). But you CAN reach out to us. Let us know you’re there. Just drop us a line to say hi. Let us know what we can do for you. Let us know if you want to write a guest-spot on our blog.

Just a few weeks ago we had a guy send us an email out of the blue from Greece, asking us to include him on an episode of the podcast. What did we do? We listened to his story, determined that he was exactly the sort of person we wanted to feature, and booked him. Simple as that. Let us know if you want that to be you.

Happy Reading,

Adam, Andrew, Erika, Mary, and now Tiffany

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