Speak Up, It’s Saturday

Adam (who created the Big Cat, Little Cat series,)  is doing a little traveling right now, which means Erika gets to talk to you about our new schedule and start our new Saturday series. We’ve done a little renovating here in the Boiler Room, and so here’s a quick schedule update  to help you findContinue reading “Speak Up, It’s Saturday”

Watch, Listen, Read with Us

If you haven’t already realized, there’s been some renovation here in the Boiler Room. We’ve launched a new design for our homepage. We hope it will make finding what you’re looking for easier. You’ll now find the podcast on its own page. Of course you’ll still find the usual selections like The Big Think, ourContinue reading “Watch, Listen, Read with Us”

August Wrap-Up / September Preview

August in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room was all about celebrations. We began the month by letting our Big Think take a week’s hiatus,and instead we celebrated you, our listeners and readers, some of whom joined us the next day for our first birthday celebration, both online and in person at the ‘home’ of ourContinue reading “August Wrap-Up / September Preview”

Thank You for Joining Us!

We will be putting up content from our FIRST in-person event soon, but in the meantime, thank you for all of us at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room, and a special thank-you from Big Cat and Little Cat. Thank you to everyone who showed up, either in-person or online, and read! If you are interestedContinue reading “Thank You for Joining Us!”

It’s Party O’Clock in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room!

If just one person believes in youDeep enough, and strong enough, believes in youBefore you know it, someone else will think“If he can do it, I can do it” Typically on a Monday, we bring you a Big Think entry; a piece by one of us that highlights our own relationship with the theme forContinue reading “It’s Party O’Clock in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room!”

July Wrap-Up: Teaching, Public Humanities, and Public Scholarship

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” In just a few days, the Ivory Tower Boiler Room will be closing the book on our first year of podcasting (and three months of blogging, too)! Over the past year, we’ve gradually come together as a team and created a visionContinue reading “July Wrap-Up: Teaching, Public Humanities, and Public Scholarship”

So much to celebrate

by Erika Grumet I get our WordPress notifications on my phone, just in case anything is urgent, or anyone has questions when they’re doing things on the website. I was so excited to get this notification, which capped off a week of big things for our blog. It’s also a great way for us toContinue reading “So much to celebrate”

Coal Miners’ Strike in Tuscaloosa enters 4th month

“Yet Conscience is a nobleman, the best in us, and a friend.” By Adam Katz This is our hundredth post. Solidarity takes work and engagement. So imagine my surprise when I saw a story covered by an independent media outlet to the effect that there has been a coal miners’ strike going on in AlabamaContinue reading “Coal Miners’ Strike in Tuscaloosa enters 4th month”

Podcast Preview: July Roundtable

Friday is here, and there’s a lot going on for us here in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. Our most pressing and exciting piece of news is that we have a sponsor (you might have heard us mention as much one or two… hundred times in the last week). The sponsor is Words Matter, whichContinue reading “Podcast Preview: July Roundtable”

June Wrap Up: The First Pride was a Riot: Looking back at ITBR’s Month of Pride

It’s hard to imagine a more exciting month for our little team. At this time last year, The Ivory Tower Boiler Room was just some idea that Andrew and Adam were batting back and forth. Andrew and Mary had known each other since elementary school, but had not collaborated on anything since high school theater.Continue reading “June Wrap Up: The First Pride was a Riot: Looking back at ITBR’s Month of Pride”