Podcast Preview: Queerness and Allyship

Hello, lovelies!

We wanted to remind you to tune in with us tomorrow night for a stroll through some of the issues crowding our heads this week. One of the more intriguing ones is the recent prohibition of uniformed police from Pride parades. Another is the introduction of the phrase “Rainbow Capitalism” into our collective vocabulary. Naturally, we’re also going to talk about our favorite books, movies, and music.

You’ve seen what works Andrew is preoccupied with this week from reading his blog post of a few days ago. Shocker–it’s a mix of old and new: Alex Sánchez, Walt Whitman, Duncan Grant. Andrew and Adam have also been looking over the proofs of the forthcoming third edition of Broadview Press’s Anthology of British Literature, Volume 5 (Victorian). How did they come to be reading that? Andrew has his secrets. But we can’t link to that or we’d get in trouble, so here’s a link to the publishers’ site. Broadview is a great publisher, you guys. We’re excited to be interviewing their editors.

Meantime, we have some pretty fresh recommendations for you. This week, Adam finished reading Kyle Lukoff’s debut novel, Too Bright to See, just in time for the glowing NYT review: “When I say lives will be saved because of this book, I only wish it were hyperbole,” writes Patrick Ness. We have it from reputable sources that you should ignore the title of the article, which tries to be clever, and succeeds… but, reader, at what cost?

Erika and Adam will probably take some time this Pride to rewatch Douglas, the comedy show by Tasmanian comedian Hannah Gadsby. It’s an interesting show because it deals with the intersectionality of queerness and neuro-atypicality. And because everyone needs the phrase ‘dick-biscuit’ on file for when they have to deal with a certain type of person. The phrase “Dr. Cock-Biscotti” is admittedly less useful, but if you were in a situation where you needed that phrase and you didn’t have it, THEN where would you be? Yeah. Thought so.

Mary has been rewatching Rent. It’s good stuff. You’ve probably heard of it.

Now here’s the Gay Chorus of Washington singing in front of the Supreme Court Building in 2013. There may also be other recommendations down the line, including some Benjamin Britten and Francis Poulenc. Don’t ask us how we know. We just know. And how could we not include this article? It’s just too perfect.

Let us know what you’re reading, listening to, vibing on, in the comments!

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