Midweek Teaser: Dr. Michael Nevradakis and Academic Corruption

This week’s guest, Dr. Michael Nevradakis shares a Stony Brook connection with Andrew and Adam. Dr. Nevradakis is also a former podcaster, and so it’s no surprise that their interview quickly finds a rhythm to talk about some of the real vulnerabilities faced by graduate students and early career academics… especially when it comes toContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: Dr. Michael Nevradakis and Academic Corruption”

Friday Preview: The Professor is In

Friday is upon us once again, and pumpkin spice season has already descended on the Ivory Tower Boiler Room… as evidenced by a lively discussion in one of our recent meetings about pumpkin spice vs apple as the better autumn flavor. Erika, who is usually the one encouraging us to “embrace the and” came downContinue reading “Friday Preview: The Professor is In”

Midweek Teaser: The Professor is In!

In the last year and a half, we’ve all gotten used to wearing masks… and seeing the faces of those around us covered by masks. That kind of opacity is the opposite of what we need in academia. This week’s episode of The Ivory Tower Boiler Room invites Kel Weinhold and Dr. Karen Kelsky toContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: The Professor is In!”

Podcast Preview

Friday is here once again. To our readers and listeners who celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week, we wish you L’Shanah Tovah–a sweet new year. Tomorrow’s podcast is one that any teacher, writer or editor will want to listen to… whether you’re a “teacher” in the traditional sense or not. Andrew sits down with editors ofContinue reading “Podcast Preview”

Midweek Teaser: “Teaching and Writing to Transgress: Behind the Scenes of Academic Editing” 

How fitting that today is International Literacy Day, as we tease this Saturday’s podcast episode, “Teaching and Writing to Transgress: Behind the Scenes of Academic Editing.” This episode speaks to Ivory Tower Boiler Room’s own Public Humanities mission which is to provide accessible literary and artistic content to the public. There is also plenty toContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: “Teaching and Writing to Transgress: Behind the Scenes of Academic Editing” “

Friday Preview: The Secret to Success

Spoiler alert: it’s taking notes. At least according to this week’s guest, who tells us: “If you want to make it to Broadway or let alone Broad Street in Philly, you have to take the notes.” Another Friday is here, and we’re getting ready for a long weekend (and some of us for Rosh Hashanah,Continue reading “Friday Preview: The Secret to Success”

Midweek Teaser: Renee Liciaga Redux

The Ivory Tower Boiler Room team has been working hard–celebrating our birthday, getting ready to begin our second year of podcasting, and welcoming a fifth member, Ceren Usta, to our team. We’ll give you an opportunity to get to know Ceren very soon. We all deserve a little break this weekend, and we don’t mindContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: Renee Liciaga Redux”

Podcast Preview: When I was One I had Just Begun

We’ve brought you a month of various birthday celebrations, in writing and on the podcast.  We’re wrapping up August by bringing you selections from our open mic celebration.  Friends, guests, contributors and new visitors gathered online and in person  at our sponsor,  Words Matter Bookstore  to read together.  You’ll be able to hear people readContinue reading “Podcast Preview: When I was One I had Just Begun”

Midweek Teaser: Celebrating out Loud

“The universe took its time on you Crafted you to offer the world Something different from everyone else When you doubt How you were created You doubt an energy greater than us both –“irreplaceable” (Rupi Kaur)    What better way for a podcast like ours to celebrate the accomplishments of our first year than byContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: Celebrating out Loud”

Podcast Preview: Happy Birthday, A Year in the Boiler Room

“Poems shouldn’t make you wait for them to finish. Like love, they should finish making you wait.” –Noah Eli Gordon “Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.”  We know you’re waiting to read about what’s coming up this weekend in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. We’re just as excited to bring it to you. Pour yourself a favorite beverage,Continue reading “Podcast Preview: Happy Birthday, A Year in the Boiler Room”

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