Podcast Drop: Jesse Green, Chief Theater Critic for the New York Times

Hey, kids!

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The Ivory Tower Boiler Room brought in an authority on writing, theater, and of course journalism. So naturally he and Andrew talk about Whitman the entire time.

It’s fine. Jesse wrote an article on Whitman, and that was how he and Andrew originally connected.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jesse gets quite detailed in describing his writing process. For those of you who beat yourselves up by saying things like: “I procrastinate so much; I’ll never be a professional writer,” all we have to say to you is: “the more you know…”

The best thing that can be said about this conversation–as with any conversation–is that it feels too short. There were so many more questions to ask; so much more theater gossip to swap back and forth; so many more favorite performances gush over (and least favorite performances to dish about). But in the end, it has been a long week for all of us at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room, and in such situations, it can be a comfort to kick back and talk about writing with a fellow-practitioner of the craft. And we hope you agree that when we get together and do just that, the energy is infectious.

For more writing from Jesse Green (and when you read it you will see, his style is beautiful, funny, honest… all the good things):

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You can also follow Jesse Green on Twitter.

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