Trapped in the Bathroom Stall

By Josiana Lacrete The hottest new term this year (besides “critical race theory”) is “social emotional learning.” They want us to teach children to connect to their emotions, listen to their bodies, and voice their needs. To face social and emotional challenges with an open mind. There are websites and videos and sample lessons thatContinue reading “Trapped in the Bathroom Stall”

In a Coronavirus Classroom…

Last week concluded the first installment of our Creative Writer’s Showcase. We are so thankful to all of our participants! This week, we are embarking on a one-of-a-kind view into the life of a classroom teacher during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are lucky to have these dispatches from Josi’s classroom, which we will be printingContinue reading “In a Coronavirus Classroom…”

The Birthday Problem

By Josiana Lacrete On the first week of my first year of teaching, I learned how important birthdays are to young children. It was one of Tina’s first birthdays since being adopted, and her mom, who worked at my school, kindly asked if I could do a little something to make the day special forContinue reading “The Birthday Problem”

It’s Caturday and We have Questions

Clearly, these two have their rituals. They’re cats–creatures of habit, after all. In fact, with the change of seasons, the rituals change a little, too The changing angle of the sun means a change in sleeping spots and sleeping patterns. One thing doesn’t change, however, and that is the insistence that one or more ofContinue reading “It’s Caturday and We have Questions”

Watch, Listen, Read with Us

If you haven’t already realized, there’s been some renovation here in the Boiler Room. We’ve launched a new design for our homepage. We hope it will make finding what you’re looking for easier. You’ll now find the podcast on its own page. Of course you’ll still find the usual selections like The Big Think, ourContinue reading “Watch, Listen, Read with Us”

Banned Books Week

By Adam Katz Banned Books week starts Sunday, September 26, and runs through Saturday, October 2. Check back here in a few days for more content! When we talk about banning books, what are we actually talking about? I can think of a lot of books that should be (or that, in effect, are) bannedContinue reading “Banned Books Week”

(Podcast Release) ‘The Professor Is In’ Meets ‘The Ivory Tower Boiler Room’

The Professor Is In team, Dr. Karen Kelsky and Kel Weinhold join Adam and Andrew in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. Their discussion centers on ending gaslighting and how to push for more equity in academia. Listen to the Podcast Some Topics Covered: -Academia is a cult in need of transparency -Who is expected toContinue reading “(Podcast Release) ‘The Professor Is In’ Meets ‘The Ivory Tower Boiler Room’”

Featured Author: Shi Huiwen

The creative writing of Shi Huiwen is live on our website! In addition to being a lecturer and parent (and an early guest on our podcast), Wen is an amazing poet and we look forward to hearing what you think about her poem “Yesterday’s Nudity.” You can access the poem here. If you enjoyed thisContinue reading “Featured Author: Shi Huiwen”

(Podcast Release) Teaching and Writing to Transgress: Behind the Scenes of Academic Editing

Today’s episode is one that any teacher, writer or editor will want to listen to… whether you’re a “teacher” in the traditional sense or not. Andrew sits down with editors of “Teaching to Transgress,” the special pedagogy issue of the open-access journal Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies. As a public humanities organization, we aim to bring you accessibleContinue reading “(Podcast Release) Teaching and Writing to Transgress: Behind the Scenes of Academic Editing”

(A Special Rebroadcast) The Performing Arts During a Pandemic with Renee Chambers Liciaga

Welcome to our new Fall season and to our September theme, “Back to the Books.” But before we bring you new content, we want to celebrate Broadway’s reopening with Renee Chambers Liciaga‘s October 2020 Ivory Tower Boiler Room interview “The Performing Arts During a Pandemic.” Listen to Renee’s Episode “We need to have human contactContinue reading “(A Special Rebroadcast) The Performing Arts During a Pandemic with Renee Chambers Liciaga”

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