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Things Some Writers Never Imagine

The Boiler Room is awash in excitement right now as we get ready to celebrate a whole year of podcasting with an open mic night at Words Matter Bookstore. Even Andrew did not imagine, when he and Adam started meeting to talk and write, what the Ivory Tower Boiler Room would grow into. Everyone in the Boiler Room is so glad to be here, and takes very seriously the mission and vision we’ve created for ourselves. Please join us to toast a year of progress and friendship! 

We’re also glad to bring you the rest of our interview with Dr Helana Darwin, and to help her tell her #MeTooPhD story (you can find the first part here). Thank you Dr Darwin for sharing your story with us and with the world. We know the interview may be difficult for many people to listen to and want to remind you to use the resources we’ve provided if you need them… whether or not you do listen to the interview.

Back to the excitement mentioned at the beginning of this post, we hope this Saturday’s podcast interview with Lev Raphael is as exciting for you as it was for Erika. She certainly never imagined herself with an opportunity like that. She hopes she did a competent job and kept her fangirl squeeing to a respectable minimum.` You may recall that one of the phrases Erika is most known for in the Boiler Room is “Embrace the and,” and Lev Raphael’s work was extremely important in helping her learn to embrace her own “and,” so you’ll definitely hear some conversation about intersectional identities. The three of them talk about getting away from your roots, life in academia, and generational trauma, and how to transmit history without passing on the trauma. There’s also some chatter about the Gilded Age, and paying attention to details. You’ll have to listen to the interview to hear the really good parts though. When you do, perhaps you’ll be able to figure out what Erika thought the most squee-worthy moment was, too. 

Over in True Crime, we’re extremely proud of Mary for finishing her three-week arc about the Gainesville Ripper. You can also check out parts one and two.


Big Cat, Little Cat

Script by Adam Katz; Photo by Erika Grumet. The roles of Big Cat and Little Cat are played by Frob and Widget, respectively.



Description: Two cats, the one to the left large and orange, looking down benignly, the one to the right small and grey, looking out of the frame with a distracted look. Big cat says: “Little cat, why do you think we work so well as friends?” Little cat answers: “Because my mood upon winning the lottery is your mood on a tuesday.”

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