(Podcast Release) “Lev Raphael: On Being (and Not Being) a Queer Jewish Writer, Part 1”

from levraphael.com

Listeners, you are in for a treat. Not only is Lev Raphael the well-known author of lots of books from many different genres (particularly a series about queer sleuths solving crimes at universities) he is also among his interviewers’ favorite writers.

We have talked before on the blog about how his work was formative in helping Erika grapple with her queer, Jewish identity when she was a young person. Since we in the Boiler Room got together and started exchanging ideas, Erika and Andrew have also developed a vibrant back-and-forth with @LevRaphael on Twitter. This interview also represents a first for the podcast: Erika has never before appeared opposite Andrew as co-anchor. But given her long relationship with Lev’s writing, she just seemed the natural choice.

The three of them talk about getting away from your roots, life in academia, and generational trauma, as well as how to transmit history without passing on the trauma. There’s also some chatter about the Gilded Age, and about paying attention to details. You’ll also hear Andrew discussing many genres he has dabbled in, teaching his work in the college classroom, and being both inside and outside of academia. You’ll have to listen to the interview to hear how it all comes together, though. 

As you listen, you’ll hear there’s something special about this episode (and Parts 2 and 3, scheduled to be aired in August). Sometimes you meet your heroes and they’re everything you hoped they’d be. What a fitting gift for all of us just one-and-a-half weeks from our First Anniversary Open Mic Night, hosted by Words Matter Bookstore.

After you listen to the interview, please check out:
-Lev’s official website
-His blog
-His writing mentorship program.

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