Thank You for Joining Us!

We will be putting up content from our FIRST in-person event soon, but in the meantime, thank you for all of us at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room, and a special thank-you from Big Cat and Little Cat.

Thank you to everyone who showed up, either in-person or online, and read! If you are interested in writing for us, please get in touch (

Thank you to everyone who just came to listen and support their friends/family!

Thank you to Keryl at Words Matter and the amazing people at the Pitman-based tea-company Oh, You TEAse!




Description: Three identical panels, each depicting a large, good-natured orange cat gazing down at a small grey who is looking out of the frame with an air of weltschmerz.

In the first panel, the large orange says to the small grey: “So, Little Cat, what was your favorite part of attending the Poetry Open-Mic Night at Words Matter?” To which the small Grey Responds: “Where do I start, Big Cat?! I just loved having the opportunity to meet so many poets and hear their amazing work!”

In the second panel, the big orange drops a canny follow-up question: “It was the cookies, wasn’t it?” The little grey doesn’t respond at first.

In the third panel, the little grey sheepishly says: “Getting to meet new people and hear their beautiful poetry was nice, too, though.”

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