Midweek Teaser: The Professor is In!

In the last year and a half, we’ve all gotten used to wearing masks… and seeing the faces of those around us covered by masks. That kind of opacity is the opposite of what we need in academia. This week’s episode of The Ivory Tower Boiler Room invites Kel Weinhold and Dr. Karen Kelsky to talk about unmasking the world of academia, and about why they created “The Professor is In” for their unique brand of academic mentorship. 

Some Topics Covered:

-Academia is a cult in need of transparency

-How to talk like a straight white male (and the risks and rewards of doing so)

-Who is expected to bring social change? Overburdened women, queer people, and People of Color.

-#MeTooPhD: How and why do supposedly modern, liberal professors allow, and even perpetrate, sex-crimes on campus?

The conversation between Andrew and Adam and Kel and Karen is a laugh filled trip through a world of serious issues, providing a great reminder that humor is a wonderful antidote to the stress that we’re all feeling and an important way to take care of your mental health.

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