Some Thoughts on The Color Purple

A Postscript to Adam’s Big Think #2 By Adam Katz First of all, what an awesome book. I find it interesting when an author goes all in on accents and dialects, as if to demonstrate that it can be done without compromising the respect the reader owes the characters. As if to say: it’s notContinue reading “Some Thoughts on The Color Purple”

Adam’s Big Think #2:

Performing at the Cringe Festival: Becoming an Ally By Adam Katz Early on in my relationship with my very first girlfriend, she told me about how she broke the exciting news to her friends that she was dating someone new: this guy who has all these interests: he likes to knit and listen to operaContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #2:”

Andrew’s Big Think #2:

“I Don’t Have to Wait for you to Give me the Key.” By Andrew Rimby I spoke those words when working through my writer’s block during a Zoom writing session a few weeks ago. When I said this, Tiffany Sowa (fellow contributor) looked at me and said “Andrew, that’s it. That’s where your writer’s blockContinue reading “Andrew’s Big Think #2:”

Erika’s Big Think #1:

Coming out of the Poetry Closet By Erika Grumet It’s a little ironic, I was the one who proposed that the topic for this month’s Big Think… should be “writing about ourselves as writers.” Of all the members of the Ivory Tower team, I’m the one who really struggles to self-identify as “a writer” andContinue reading “Erika’s Big Think #1:”

Andrew’s Big Think #1:

Moving Back and Forth Between Writing Projects (or a lesson in overcoming writer’s block) As I write this, it’s currently 11:40 pm on a Friday, and I keep thinking about the next paragraph I’m adding to my dissertation chapter. I just ended by introducing Whitman’s comparison of his 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass toContinue reading “Andrew’s Big Think #1:”

About The Big Think

Welcome to The Big Think in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. The Ivory Tower Boiler Room is a collaborative effort.  Adam and Andrew’s collaboration on the podcast spawned the writing group.  Andrew invited Mary to the writing group, Adam brought Erika on board (credit summer camps for those connections–Andrew and Mary went to camp together,Continue reading “About The Big Think”

Adam’s Big Think #1:

Writing about Ourselves as Writers By Adam Katz So. The reason why I don’t feel comfortable any longer within the constraints of academia is what I’m doing right now. Starting out an essay (from the French essayer—to attempt) without a clear goal except to communicate what is on my mind in a given moment. ThisContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #1:”

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