Erika’s Big Think #3

“I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper and I was free.“ I don’t usually think of myself as a teacher. I love teaching, but I also knew there was no way I could handle classroom politics, and so, in spite of encouragement from my parents to consider teaching as a career,Continue reading “Erika’s Big Think #3”

Nikole Hannah-Jones gets a Seat at the Table. Maybe. For Now.

By Adam Katz When did we become a news site? We didn’t, but there will occasionally (read: no more than once every 10 minutes) be an item in the news that bothers us so much we have to talk about it (or boost the signal of people who are already talking about it). This willContinue reading “Nikole Hannah-Jones gets a Seat at the Table. Maybe. For Now.”

We Stand with Fran’s House

Recently, 20 members of a disbanded franternity at Bucknell university attacked and harassed the residents of Fran’s House, Bucknell’s LGBTQ+ house, while campus safety officials did nothing or next to nothing to help. These students were minding their own business in their own home, which the university had provided for them after the building’s previousContinue reading “We Stand with Fran’s House”

Adam’s Big Think #1:

Writing about Ourselves as Writers By Adam Katz So. The reason why I don’t feel comfortable any longer within the constraints of academia is what I’m doing right now. Starting out an essay (from the French essayer—to attempt) without a clear goal except to communicate what is on my mind in a given moment. ThisContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #1:”

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