Andrew’s Big Think #3

Andrew Tries to Figure Out His Identity as a Public Scholar By Andrew Rimby It’s been difficult trying to figure out how to begin my reflection on this month’s Big Think theme: Education and Public Scholarship. The reason? Because so many of my projects are categorized as public scholarship, but when I begin dissecting thisContinue reading “Andrew’s Big Think #3”

(Podcast Release) What is a teacher, what is a classroom? A Roundtable

Adam moderates our July roundtable, where he begins by having each member of the team provide their response to the questions: “What is a teacher?” and “What is a classroom?” What follows is a discussion on the role education plays in each of the team members’ lives. From Adam’s memories and analysis of his favoriteContinue reading “(Podcast Release) What is a teacher, what is a classroom? A Roundtable”

Midweek Teaser

Summer is here already, and while some people are thinking “vacation,” we are still hard at work here in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room (sometimes we are working from a sunlit folding chair). A last minute change in plans meant that last week, instead of our Writers’ Round Table, you heard Adam and Andrew talking toContinue reading “Midweek Teaser”

Adam’s Big Think #3: What is Teaching?

By Adam Katz Last month was a lot. We in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room are justifiably proud of our continuous coverage of Pride Month. And just because the month is over doesn’t mean our queerness and allyship, respectively, are over. This month’s theme at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room is public scholarship, with anContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #3: What is Teaching?”

Midweek Teaser

July? Already? It’s disconcerting to realize that in some places, people are suffering through the worst heat wave ever in the area, and at the same time, back to school sales are starting.  I love back to school sales; fresh notebooks, new pens. It’s so exciting. One day I will find the perfect combination ofContinue reading “Midweek Teaser”

Erika’s Big Think #2, Part 2: Concluding Reflections on Stonewall

By Erika Grumet One Sunday in June, I was folding laundry with my mother. The television was on, tuned into evening news, which was reporting on “gay pride festivities” in New York City. I was a teenager, and as teenagers often do,     I held opinions about many things that conflicted with my parents. IContinue reading “Erika’s Big Think #2, Part 2: Concluding Reflections on Stonewall”

Andrew’s Big Think #2, Part 2: “I am not the boy next door”

Reflecting on the end of Pride 2021 By Andrew Rimby In the first part of my Pride month Big Think, I ended with a desire to ponder why Whitman’s “Song of Myself” spoke to my queerness so profoundly, and why it spurred the question “who is picking this text up and finding themselves reflected back?”Continue reading “Andrew’s Big Think #2, Part 2: “I am not the boy next door””

June Wrap Up: The First Pride was a Riot: Looking back at ITBR’s Month of Pride

It’s hard to imagine a more exciting month for our little team. At this time last year, The Ivory Tower Boiler Room was just some idea that Andrew and Adam were batting back and forth. Andrew and Mary had known each other since elementary school, but had not collaborated on anything since high school theater.Continue reading “June Wrap Up: The First Pride was a Riot: Looking back at ITBR’s Month of Pride”

Erika’s Big Think #2: The Orange on the Seder Plate

By Erika Grumet “That’s why her hair is so big. Because it’s full of secrets.” -Damian, Mean GIrls “Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) -Walt Whitman, Song of Myself A hundred and fifty-ish years apart, and we queers are still talking about secrets and contradictions and theContinue reading “Erika’s Big Think #2: The Orange on the Seder Plate”

Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…

By Adam Katz One of my favorite new activities is writing a blog post and having someone I care about bring it up in conversation. I like doing the reverse, as well, not surprisingly. My recent Big Think, about trying to shed the homophobic bias I was invisibly raised with, led to an amazing conversationContinue reading “Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…”

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