Adam’s Big Think #6: Wrong Tent

By Adam Katz For this month’s Big Think, the theme is “Things that go Bump in the Night.” Enjoy! It was a weekend camping trip with the Boy Scouts. Yes, I was a Boy Scout for a couple of years. The autumn leaves were fresh and crisp—mostly oak with some maple and ash and someContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #6: Wrong Tent”

Teaching my Kid about September 11

By Erika Grumet Editor’s Note: Readers of The Ivory Tower Boiler Room know that on Monday, we typically publish our Big Think, an essay giving a perspective on the month’s topic. But then in the days leading up to this important anniversary, Erika wrote the following and we decided just to go with it. SometimesContinue reading “Teaching my Kid about September 11”

Coal Miners’ Strike in Tuscaloosa enters 4th month

“Yet Conscience is a nobleman, the best in us, and a friend.” By Adam Katz This is our hundredth post. Solidarity takes work and engagement. So imagine my surprise when I saw a story covered by an independent media outlet to the effect that there has been a coal miners’ strike going on in AlabamaContinue reading “Coal Miners’ Strike in Tuscaloosa enters 4th month”