July Wrap-Up: Teaching, Public Humanities, and Public Scholarship

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” In just a few days, the Ivory Tower Boiler Room will be closing the book on our first year of podcasting (and three months of blogging, too)! Over the past year, we’ve gradually come together as a team and created a visionContinue reading “July Wrap-Up: Teaching, Public Humanities, and Public Scholarship”

Podcast Preview: No Time to Rest

We’re scurrying around getting ready to celebrate one whole year here in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. We’re so excited to celebrate a full year of being able to share interesting discussions with people who are passionate not only about their work, but also about sharing it with the rest of the world, and we’reContinue reading “Podcast Preview: No Time to Rest”

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