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While I am trying to recruit my friends to be guests on the podcast and chasing the cats off the keyboard, my head, and everywhere else, you can help make this week’s episode really exciting.  -Erika, on behalf of the Ivory Tower Boiler Room team

This weekend in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room, Adam, Andrew, Mary and I are going to sit down and actually talk about the thing that brought all four of us together: writing.   In order to help us have something to talk about, we want to hear your thoughts on this question:

How do you define yourself as a writer and how do you define your audience (how much do each rely on the other)

We ask you to please keep your response under 5 minutes (please :)) but feel free to be as specific as possible about your projects, and don’t feel pressured to answer both questions.

 Please send us your recording by Thursday, May 13th. (ivorytowerboilerroom@gmail.com)

He takes “If it fits, I sits” seriously. For more about citizen scientists and how they have studied that phenomenon check this out

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