Podcast Preview: Inside the Ivory Tower Boiler Room-A Writers’ Round Table (Part I)

We’ve enjoyed our first official blogging week, although we’re still working things out before we expand too quickly. I get to see the posts before they go live though, so I know there’s exciting stuff coming up.

In the meantime, don’t forget that Saturday is our podcast release day. This week we come to you with a live recording from inside the boiler room where the four of us sat down together to talk about writing. You might even get an actual view on YouTube. You’ll hear words like “sapieosexuality,” (Tweet me or leave a comment here if you know what that one means before you look it up,) and hear us talk a little about Dylan Thomas, William Carlos Williams and another famous William–Shakespeare. Of course you can’t have the four us us talking literature unless someone mentions Walt Whitman, too. (Spolier alert: We’ve got something planned for his birthday at the end of this month…you’ll have to tune in then to find out what it is.) Major credit to Adam on this episode, too, who is bravely and generously sharing a draft of one of his stories with you-while it wasn’t our intention to workshop his story as part of the episode, it did become the focus of some of our discussion about things like audiences and letting go of your work. We’ll make sure there’s a link to download the story in the episode notes. (My picoreview: I want to read more stories about the main character as told through Adam’s eyes. It’s awkward to read someone’s work while they’re watching you read it, but I really enjoyed reading it.) I think this may turn out to be a two part episode, so if you’re listening for some of the things I mention, they may not air until next week.

While you’re waiting for the new episode to launch, or looking for things to do with your weekend, here are some of the things other than our own writing, that the Ivory Tower team will be spending our time with:

Andrew is watching the 1974 Robert Redford/Mia Farrow version of The Great Gatsby as he prepares for a turn at “Queering Edith Wharton’s Gilded Age Poetics.”

Mary just finished reading The Women of Brewster Place. I asked her to send me a couple of sentences to share with you about the book and her recommendation, and here’s what she has to say:

“Gothic literature fans looking to include more authors of color in their library look no further: Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place is a great place to start! In a lot of ways this novel seems contemporary but when you peel back the layers it is a lot darker than it seems. Brewster Place becomes a character of its own just like the House of Usher is in Edgar Allen Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher. I enjoyed every second of reading this novel.”

I am stubbornly committed to open-mindedness, and so Adam and I had planned to listen to Schubert’s Quintet in C performed by the Cleveland Quartet and Yo-Yo Ma. He’s a Schubert fan and I’m not, but if I can convince him there really is good viola music, I have to give him a chance to do the same with the music he loves, too. We did listen to the first movement, and then my computer decided to reboot itself and we got distracted. I hope we can make time to listen to the rest this weekend–I did enjoy it more than I usually enjoy Schubert. (Check out the Netherlands Bach Society’s Brandenburg Concertos-in my quest to convince Adam that good viola music exists, I suggested he listen to Brandenburg 6, and if you’re a harpsichord fan, Brandenburg 5 has an epic, Jimi Hendrix worthy harpsichord part.)

And just in case the weather isn’t great where you are this weekend, here’s a picture Andrew took for me on his walk the other day. The weather was grey here where I am when he sent it, and I don’t get to go for as many “walks” (they’re still walks, I just roll along in a chair more often these days,) as I used to, and so I really love the photos he shares with me, especially since they show me what’s going on in the place my roots are planted.

Andrew enjoys the sunshine and the harbor near his home.

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We would love your suggestions for things to watch, read and listen to-share them with us in the comments below, or any of our other social media options. I’ve got writing to do, so I’m going to put a bookmark in this, and go get some words on the page. Have a great weekend. -Erika, for the Ivory Tower Boiler Room team.

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