Caturday Questions

Our friendly felines got some new toys this week. You would think that would mean they allow humans more time to write because they’ve got more things to do, but they’re also now insisting that the treat filled ball actually remain filled with treats. Also, some of the toys have bells. They’ll settle down soon…Continue reading “Caturday Questions”

Caturday Questions

Another Caturday, another Big Cat, Little Cat. As I write this, Big Cat has decided to take up as much room as he possibly can next to me and rest his paw on my computer. He has opinions about what I write. He did, however provide a lot of emotional support when I wrote TheContinue reading “Caturday Questions”

Podcast Preview: No Time to Rest

We’re scurrying around getting ready to celebrate one whole year here in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. We’re so excited to celebrate a full year of being able to share interesting discussions with people who are passionate not only about their work, but also about sharing it with the rest of the world, and we’reContinue reading “Podcast Preview: No Time to Rest”

Podcast Preview: We Welcome the Weekend

Hey, everyone! Thanks for sticking with us all week. Covering the topics we covered the past few days may not have been pleasant, but watching the numbers tick up as our readers and listeners gravitated to the topic certainly was pleasant. It’s important to see that there are people committed to helping certain buried orContinue reading “Podcast Preview: We Welcome the Weekend”

Podcast Preview: With the Weekend Approaching…

Many people have Monday off, so it’s an extra long weekend to spend time with family. But if you need to go for a walk by yourself, please feel free to take a look at our newest episode–or at some of the back-catalogue. In the mean time, here’s what our team has been paying attentionContinue reading “Podcast Preview: With the Weekend Approaching…”

Four Seawolves on a Zoom

(Erika, for the Ivory Tower Boiler Room team) It’s the weekend again and we’ve got a great episode for you to listen to. Three of this week’s four podcast participants are Stony Brook alumni, and the fourth is still there. This week, from the Boiler Room, we bring you a little something new–a new questionnaireContinue reading “Four Seawolves on a Zoom”

Podcast Preview: Inside the Ivory Tower Boiler Room-A Writers’ Round Table, Part II

Andrew Answers Adam’s Question I know you’ve been waiting excitedly to hear more about Andrew and who he was writing for, and here’s your chance in this week’s episode. And if that’s not enough excitement for you, you can see the both parts, all together, in our first YouTube video. To help you catch upContinue reading “Podcast Preview: Inside the Ivory Tower Boiler Room-A Writers’ Round Table, Part II”

Your Reading Homework

First, we’d like to thank you for the site-traffic. Our most recent post, Nikole Hannah-Jones gets a Seat at the Table. Maybe. For now., has had over 200 unique views since it went up last night. That’s unprecedented for us. Tomorrow, we are carrying on with the release of Part II of our Writing RoundtableContinue reading “Your Reading Homework”

Podcast Preview: Inside the Ivory Tower Boiler Room-A Writers’ Round Table (Part I)

We’ve enjoyed our first official blogging week, although we’re still working things out before we expand too quickly. I get to see the posts before they go live though, so I know there’s exciting stuff coming up. In the meantime, don’t forget that Saturday is our podcast release day. This week we come to youContinue reading “Podcast Preview: Inside the Ivory Tower Boiler Room-A Writers’ Round Table (Part I)”

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