(Season 5, Ep. 5) Peculiar Affairs in Academia with Dr. Michael Nevradakis

Our podcast episodes will now premiere on Mondays at 5pm. We’re taking a break from the Big Think this week, but it will be back next Monday. Look out for some exciting Banned Books Week content on our blog page and on twitter @ivoryboilerroom. Listen to the Episode Dr. Nevradakis’ interview acts as a sortContinue reading “(Season 5, Ep. 5) Peculiar Affairs in Academia with Dr. Michael Nevradakis”

Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…

By Adam Katz One of my favorite new activities is writing a blog post and having someone I care about bring it up in conversation. I like doing the reverse, as well, not surprisingly. My recent Big Think, about trying to shed the homophobic bias I was invisibly raised with, led to an amazing conversationContinue reading “Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…”

Adam’s Big Think #2:

Performing at the Cringe Festival: Becoming an Ally By Adam Katz Early on in my relationship with my very first girlfriend, she told me about how she broke the exciting news to her friends that she was dating someone new: this guy who has all these interests: he likes to knit and listen to operaContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #2:”

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