Trapped in the Bathroom Stall

By Josiana Lacrete The hottest new term this year (besides “critical race theory”) is “social emotional learning.” They want us to teach children to connect to their emotions, listen to their bodies, and voice their needs. To face social and emotional challenges with an open mind. There are websites and videos and sample lessons thatContinue reading “Trapped in the Bathroom Stall”

What it Means to Ban a Book

“Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.” Potter Stewart, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court By Erika Grumet The only book my parents ever took away from me was Catcher in the Rye. There are a lot of reasons someone might want to take that book away from a child, but none of thoseContinue reading “What it Means to Ban a Book”

Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…

By Adam Katz One of my favorite new activities is writing a blog post and having someone I care about bring it up in conversation. I like doing the reverse, as well, not surprisingly. My recent Big Think, about trying to shed the homophobic bias I was invisibly raised with, led to an amazing conversationContinue reading “Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…”

(Podcast Episode) A Postscript to our Writers’ Round Table on Queerness and Allyship

As Andrew and I listened to the playback for parts I and II of this month’s Writers’ Round Table about queerness and allyship we both found ourselves exhausted from the emotional labor that we’ve been doing this month. We were both unprepared for the things we felt-trauma, disappointment, frustration, and for the homophobia we wouldContinue reading “(Podcast Episode) A Postscript to our Writers’ Round Table on Queerness and Allyship”

We Dance to the Rhythm of 49 Heartbeats

The Pulse Massacre 5 Years Later By Erika Grumet In December of 2012, the day after my youngest child turned 3, on what had begun as a typical Friday (with a little extra crankiness because there had been an extended evening of celebrations the night before) the Facebook News Network broke a story about aContinue reading “We Dance to the Rhythm of 49 Heartbeats”

Author Kyle Lukoff Spoke about being Censored

By Adam Katz I met Kyle in college, before he was a recognized author. It’s been weird watching this controversy roil around him. I may say more at a different time. But for now: Kyle just gave the following speech about his books being banned from schools in Utah, Texas, and presumably elsewhere. The speechContinue reading “Author Kyle Lukoff Spoke about being Censored”

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