Erika writes: I feel like I blinked and missed out on this whole week. Or perhaps I just haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I’d like to. Whatever it is, I’m making inroads in my battle with the writer’s block I’ve been writing about for the last two weeks. I’m not convinced it’s overContinue reading “Watch/Listen/Read”

London Letters #6: A Tale of Two Pianos

By Adam Katz Playing piano is one of the main reasons I am surviving the pandemic. If we recognize (and if you don’t, I have some news for you) that the mind is part of the body, and so emotional health is physical health, then it shouldn’t be surprising that within a few weeks ofContinue reading “London Letters #6: A Tale of Two Pianos”

Friday Watch/Listen/Read (Oct 22, 2021)

Erika Writes: Daylight hours are noticeably fewer here in Orlando, lately anyway. The cooler, longer nights mean frogs on my windows sometimes, which excites the cats (especially Big Cat who would probably be the worst hunter around if he had to actually catch something, because his excitement is audible.) It also means more hours forContinue reading “Friday Watch/Listen/Read (Oct 22, 2021)”

Adam’s Big Think #3: What is Teaching?

By Adam Katz Last month was a lot. We in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room are justifiably proud of our continuous coverage of Pride Month. And just because the month is over doesn’t mean our queerness and allyship, respectively, are over. This month’s theme at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room is public scholarship, with anContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #3: What is Teaching?”

Adam’s Big Think #2: Performing at the Cringe Festival: Becoming an Ally

By Adam Katz Early on in my relationship with my very first girlfriend, she told me about how she broke the exciting news to her friends that she was dating someone new: this guy who has all these interests: he likes to knit and listen to opera and draw and play piano, and… To whichContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #2: Performing at the Cringe Festival: Becoming an Ally”

That’s it. I’m done with Stradivarius Violins

By Adam Katz I have had an odd thought rattling around in the can about Stradivarius violins. I’ve never been a violinist; I don’t remember doing more than picking up with their permission a friend’s violin (or maybe it was a viola) and trying it with the bow. I probably made a sound like aContinue reading “That’s it. I’m done with Stradivarius Violins”

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