Curious Caturday

Big Cat and Little Cat have both been trying to help me out today–the bad weather has left me very sore. I appreciate their effort. They’re definitely trying to help out…. And speaking of helpful things…our Caturday question is about tools. I found myself expressing serious appreciation for my thesaurus this week and also theContinue reading “Curious Caturday”

Caturday Questions

Another Caturday, another Big Cat, Little Cat. As I write this, Big Cat has decided to take up as much room as he possibly can next to me and rest his paw on my computer. He has opinions about what I write. He did, however provide a lot of emotional support when I wrote TheContinue reading “Caturday Questions”

Podcast Preview: Happy Birthday, A Year in the Boiler Room

“Poems shouldn’t make you wait for them to finish. Like love, they should finish making you wait.” –Noah Eli Gordon “Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.”  We know you’re waiting to read about what’s coming up this weekend in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room. We’re just as excited to bring it to you. Pour yourself a favorite beverage,Continue reading “Podcast Preview: Happy Birthday, A Year in the Boiler Room”

Podcast Preview: Lev Raphael, Take 3

We hope you’ve got your favorite cake ready for this weekend’s podcast. Saturday is our official birthday, and so after you’ve taken the time to listen to the conclusion of Andrew and Erika’s conversation with Lev Raphael, you can revisit the very first episode , where Adam and Andrew lay out their vision for whatContinue reading “Podcast Preview: Lev Raphael, Take 3”

Fine. More “Big Cat, Little Cat”

. . . On the left, a large, orange cat with an apparently benevolent expression takes up almost half of the frame. On the right, a small grey with a squinty, grumpy look takes up less than a quarter. Big Cat appears to be looking down at Little Cat with love. Big cat says toContinue reading “Fine. More “Big Cat, Little Cat””

Picture of Erika’s (Most Camera-Loving) Cat

For anyone who has been reading Erika’s gorgeous, soul-searching articles of late and wondering: where does she find the balance between inner fire and inner calm that would allow her to write like that, we trust this picture raises far more questions than it will ever answer.