Big Cat, Little Cat!

Mary’s True Crime Tuesday is off this week. But we’ll be receiving dispatches from Adam’s trip to England starting tomorrow. Apropos of which… * * Description: Two felines, both alike in dignity, but not in size or color, in fair London where we lay our scene. The small grey asks the large orange: “So whatContinue reading “Big Cat, Little Cat!”

Big Cat, Little Cat

. . . Two Cats, one large and orange, one small and grey, both striped. Big Cat looks down at Little Cat with a placid countenance; Little Cat looks off into the distance, eyes pinched with unresolved anger. Big Cat says: “Little Cat, I’m reading my star chart. What’s your sign so I can readContinue reading “Big Cat, Little Cat”

Fine. More “Big Cat, Little Cat”

. . . On the left, a large, orange cat with an apparently benevolent expression takes up almost half of the frame. On the right, a small grey with a squinty, grumpy look takes up less than a quarter. Big Cat appears to be looking down at Little Cat with love. Big cat says toContinue reading “Fine. More “Big Cat, Little Cat””

New Weekly(ish) Piece

Happy Pride from Big Cat, Little Cat . . . For the visually impaired: Two cats, orange and grey. The orange cat takes up almost all of the left half of the frame, and is looking downward at the grey cat with what appears to be a benevolent facial expression. The grey cat is smaller,Continue reading “New Weekly(ish) Piece”

“Literally” has Legit been Replaced

By Adam Katz One of my two or three favorite professors in college was Barbara Jeanne Fields. I want to spend all of my time saying everything I know about her, because she amazing and has an amazing life-story, but suffice the subject of today’s musing is professor’s Fields’s conservative feelings about the written wordContinue reading ““Literally” has Legit been Replaced”

Sunday is for Swearing

By Adam Katz So. Erika and I were talking about the difference between a fanny-pack and a bum-bag. I didn’t know until a few days ago that, what in the United States, call a ‘fanny pack,’ in Britain is called a “bum bag,” apparently because in England (and elsewhere) “fanny” is a euphemism for “vagina.”Continue reading “Sunday is for Swearing”

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