Midweek Teaser: Renee Liciaga Redux

The Ivory Tower Boiler Room team has been working hard–celebrating our birthday, getting ready to begin our second year of podcasting, and welcoming a fifth member, Ceren Usta, to our team. We’ll give you an opportunity to get to know Ceren very soon. We all deserve a little break this weekend, and we don’t mindContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: Renee Liciaga Redux”

A Guest Blog-Post from Lev Raphael:

My Mentor is Always with Me (Originally published September 3, 2018 by Lev Raphael on his blog.) The Ivory Tower Boiler Room team is so grateful to be able to bring you a post from this week’s podcast guest, Lev Raphael, who is paying us a second visit to the Boiler Room on Saturday, having last gracedContinue reading “A Guest Blog-Post from Lev Raphael:”

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