Trapped in the Bathroom Stall

By Josiana Lacrete The hottest new term this year (besides “critical race theory”) is “social emotional learning.” They want us to teach children to connect to their emotions, listen to their bodies, and voice their needs. To face social and emotional challenges with an open mind. There are websites and videos and sample lessons thatContinue reading “Trapped in the Bathroom Stall”

September Wrap Up/October Preview

September has just flown by. It’s a month filled with so many holidays for some people, the unofficial end to summer (and the beginning of the Rabbit Season/Duck Season style debate between the pumpkin crowd and the apple crowd.) We spent the month in the Boiler Room observing holidays and heading Back to the Books,Continue reading “September Wrap Up/October Preview”

Featured Author: Shi Huiwen

The creative writing of Shi Huiwen is live on our website! In addition to being a lecturer and parent (and an early guest on our podcast), Wen is an amazing poet and we look forward to hearing what you think about her poem “Yesterday’s Nudity.” You can access the poem here. If you enjoyed thisContinue reading “Featured Author: Shi Huiwen”

“Pride” and Prejudice: The Craig Schoonmaker Story

Mary’s True Crime in Academia is off today. Instead, we’re taking this opportunity to show you a teaser from one of the upcoming projects we’re especially excited about! Starting in September, we’re going to be featuring creative writers on the Ivory Tower Boiler Room website at a rate of one per week. Each writer willContinue reading ““Pride” and Prejudice: The Craig Schoonmaker Story”

A Guest Blog-Post from Lev Raphael

Why I Write Queer Crime Fiction You can catch the third episode of Lev’s interview on the podcast this weekend. In the mean time, here is a delightful little essay he wrote about how he became a writer of queer mystery stories. (Originally published on June 5, 2021 by Lev Raphael on his blog) I never setContinue reading “A Guest Blog-Post from Lev Raphael”

A Guest Blog-Post from Lev Raphael:

My Mentor is Always with Me (Originally published September 3, 2018 by Lev Raphael on his blog.) The Ivory Tower Boiler Room team is so grateful to be able to bring you a post from this week’s podcast guest, Lev Raphael, who is paying us a second visit to the Boiler Room on Saturday, having last gracedContinue reading “A Guest Blog-Post from Lev Raphael:”

Poems by Terri Muuss

Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Gaslighting We in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room try to maintain a sense of positivity. That’s not to say we keep things light. But when we talk about something like sexual violence, we try to focus, not on the abuser or assaulter but on the survivor; on what they do toContinue reading “Poems by Terri Muuss”

Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss

Terri Muuss is a practicing social worker, as well as a poet, director, and much else besides. Muuss’s social work blends with her avocation for poetry and theater; both deal extensively with healing from trauma. Given that yesterday (7/14/21) we dropped a new interview on our podcast dealing with the same subject, we thought thatContinue reading “Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss”

Writing Book as Writing Mentor: Reviewing “Every Day I Write the Book” by Amitava Kumar

By Guest Columnist Sophia Basaldua-Sun Today I’m thrilled to be publishing my review of Every Day I Write the Book by scholar and creative writer Amitava Kumar. Everyday I Write the Book is a text about academic writing for academic writers, which isn’t to say you need to be an academic writer to read theContinue reading “Writing Book as Writing Mentor: Reviewing “Every Day I Write the Book” by Amitava Kumar”

A Mother’s Pride

By Tiffany Sowa I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother over the Memorial Day weekend, because it’s the first time since her passing that I didn’t go home to put flowers on her grave, and I was feeling awfully bad about that. She never missed a cemetery-decorating holiday, and often wept quietly over herContinue reading “A Mother’s Pride”