London Letters #2: “O for a Muse of Fire”

By Adam Katz Yesterday I walked past the Globe Theater. It was intense. Just walking past it. I’ve been in London now for over a week. I’ve seen a bunch of the tourist things you’re supposed to see, and not seen others. I saw the treasures of the Sutton Hoo excavation at the British Museum.Continue reading “London Letters #2: “O for a Muse of Fire””

Featured Author: Shi Huiwen

The creative writing of Shi Huiwen is live on our website! In addition to being a lecturer and parent (and an early guest on our podcast), Wen is an amazing poet and we look forward to hearing what you think about her poem “Yesterday’s Nudity.” You can access the poem here. If you enjoyed thisContinue reading “Featured Author: Shi Huiwen”

Introducing our Weekly Featured Author

All of us in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room are very proud and excited to share with you a new page on our website: each week we will be featuring the work of a new writer, starting with Judy Russ. You can find her work here And if you would like to submit your workContinue reading “Introducing our Weekly Featured Author”

(Podcast Release) Our First Year Is In the Books, an Open Mic Poetry Event

To anyone who has listened for a minute or an hour while going for a long drive or shopping or going for a walk; to anyone who has shared their story with us in an interview or in the comments section or a voice-message or a facebook-message: thank you. You made it possible for usContinue reading “(Podcast Release) Our First Year Is In the Books, an Open Mic Poetry Event”

Podcast Preview: When I was One I had Just Begun

We’ve brought you a month of various birthday celebrations, in writing and on the podcast.  We’re wrapping up August by bringing you selections from our open mic celebration.  Friends, guests, contributors and new visitors gathered online and in person  at our sponsor,  Words Matter Bookstore  to read together.  You’ll be able to hear people readContinue reading “Podcast Preview: When I was One I had Just Begun”

Midweek Teaser: Celebrating out Loud

“The universe took its time on you Crafted you to offer the world Something different from everyone else When you doubt How you were created You doubt an energy greater than us both –“irreplaceable” (Rupi Kaur)    What better way for a podcast like ours to celebrate the accomplishments of our first year than byContinue reading “Midweek Teaser: Celebrating out Loud”

Poems by Terri Muuss

Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Gaslighting We in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room try to maintain a sense of positivity. That’s not to say we keep things light. But when we talk about something like sexual violence, we try to focus, not on the abuser or assaulter but on the survivor; on what they do toContinue reading “Poems by Terri Muuss”

Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss

Terri Muuss is a practicing social worker, as well as a poet, director, and much else besides. Muuss’s social work blends with her avocation for poetry and theater; both deal extensively with healing from trauma. Given that yesterday (7/14/21) we dropped a new interview on our podcast dealing with the same subject, we thought thatContinue reading “Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss”

Adam’s Big Think #3: What is Teaching?

By Adam Katz Last month was a lot. We in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room are justifiably proud of our continuous coverage of Pride Month. And just because the month is over doesn’t mean our queerness and allyship, respectively, are over. This month’s theme at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room is public scholarship, with anContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #3: What is Teaching?”

Andrew’s Big Think #2, Part 2: “I am not the boy next door”

Reflecting on the end of Pride 2021 By Andrew Rimby In the first part of my Pride month Big Think, I ended with a desire to ponder why Whitman’s “Song of Myself” spoke to my queerness so profoundly, and why it spurred the question “who is picking this text up and finding themselves reflected back?”Continue reading “Andrew’s Big Think #2, Part 2: “I am not the boy next door””

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