The View from the Wheelchair

By Erika Grumet In college, one of my friends used to say “dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” We would go dancing at least once a week, almost every Saturday night was reserved for going to Tracks, a big gay dance club in Washington DC. Some weeks, when money was tighter, we’dContinue reading “The View from the Wheelchair”

We Dance to the Rhythm of 49 Heartbeats

The Pulse Massacre 5 Years Later By Erika Grumet In December of 2012, the day after my youngest child turned 3, on what had begun as a typical Friday (with a little extra crankiness because there had been an extended evening of celebrations the night before) the Facebook News Network broke a story about aContinue reading “We Dance to the Rhythm of 49 Heartbeats”

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