“Pride” and Prejudice: The Craig Schoonmaker Story

Mary’s True Crime in Academia is off today. Instead, we’re taking this opportunity to show you a teaser from one of the upcoming projects we’re especially excited about! Starting in September, we’re going to be featuring creative writers on the Ivory Tower Boiler Room website at a rate of one per week. Each writer willContinue reading ““Pride” and Prejudice: The Craig Schoonmaker Story”

(Podcast Release) Dr. Helana Darwin’s #MeTooPhD Part 2

Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Grooming, Gaslighting. This week, the second episode of Dr. Helana Darwin’s #MeToo PhD story drops. For those who did not catch the first episode, our guest, Dr. Helana Darwin–author, mother, award-winning scholar, qualitative research specialist–has entrusted us with her story of abuse at the hands of her own dissertation advisor. AsContinue reading “(Podcast Release) Dr. Helana Darwin’s #MeTooPhD Part 2”

We Dance to the Rhythm of 49 Heartbeats

The Pulse Massacre 5 Years Later By Erika Grumet In December of 2012, the day after my youngest child turned 3, on what had begun as a typical Friday (with a little extra crankiness because there had been an extended evening of celebrations the night before) the Facebook News Network broke a story about aContinue reading “We Dance to the Rhythm of 49 Heartbeats”

#ActLoveGive-A Request from Erika

by Erika Grumet This weekend will mark the fifth anniversary of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, an unimaginable and heartbreaking tragedy targeting our LGBTQ+ family, and in particular BIPOC members of our LGBTQ+ family. We’ll bring you a longer piece about that over the weekend, but I have a request this week,Continue reading “#ActLoveGive-A Request from Erika”

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