I’m Queer. Please Pass the Peas?

By Erika Grumet   A few weeks ago, a thirteen year old I know showed up at my house wearing a t-shirt that read:“Bisexual Trash Panda.” Even before I was a parent, I knew adolescent sexuality pretty well–years of teaching about HIV and STIs, contraception and LGBTQ101 gave me a lens into that topic longContinue reading “I’m Queer. Please Pass the Peas?”

End of Semester Blues and Varsity Blues

By Tiffany Sowa I’ve been working on the closing of a seasonal chapter here in the middle of the midwest. I spent the week grading spring semester final papers and final exams in fits and starts, since the last day of classes was Friday and final grades were due Monday. The two days in betweenContinue reading “End of Semester Blues and Varsity Blues”