Some Perennial Favorites

By Andrew Rimby “We Two Boys Together Clinging” WE two boys together clinging, One the other never leaving, Up and down the roads going, North and South excursions making, Power enjoying, elbows stretching, fingers clutching, Arm’d and fearless, eating, drinking, sleeping, loving, No law less than ourselves owning, sailing, soldiering, thieving, threatening, Misers, menials, priestsContinue reading “Some Perennial Favorites”

(Podcast Episode) This Episode Contains Multitudes

Who has done his day’s work? who will soonest be through with his supper?Who wishes to walk with me?(From Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”) Now that you are done with your day’s work…or perhaps you’re planning to listen while you work, we are happy to bring you this week’s episode honoring the 202nd birthday of WaltContinue reading “(Podcast Episode) This Episode Contains Multitudes”

Happy 202nd Birthday, Walt Whitman

By Andrew Rimby The Ivory Tower Boiler Room is full of Whitmanic energy as we celebrate Whitman’s 202nd birthday on May 31st! As I (Andrew) am writing this, I’m currently visiting my family in South Jersey and am about 15 minutes away from Whitman’s family tomb in Harleigh Cemetery (in Camden, see below). While IContinue reading “Happy 202nd Birthday, Walt Whitman”

Whitman’s Thrush

Walt Whitman at 202 By Adam Katz I guess most school-age kids read “O Captain, my Captain” at some point. Looking back at it now, it’s a poem you have to read quickly, I think. The line “O heart! heart! heart! / O the bleeding drops of red” does not really admit slowing down andContinue reading “Whitman’s Thrush”

You Don’t Look a Day Over 200

By Erika Grumet It’s birthday time here. Mine is this week, although I am nowhere near 200, but we’ll also be celebrating Walt Whitman’s 202nd birthday with this weekend’s episode of The Ivory Tower Boiler Room. I think it’s hard to grow up where I did on Long Island and not have at least a Continue reading “You Don’t Look a Day Over 200”

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