September Wrap Up/October Preview

September has just flown by. It’s a month filled with so many holidays for some people, the unofficial end to summer (and the beginning of the Rabbit Season/Duck Season style debate between the pumpkin crowd and the apple crowd.) We spent the month in the Boiler Room observing holidays and heading Back to the Books,Continue reading “September Wrap Up/October Preview”

Back to the Big Think

This week’s Big Think is a bit of a special edition. This month’s theme is Back to the Books, and we wanted to celebrate (in slightly punny fashion) by going back to our favorite passages from our previous Big Thinks about reading and about books in general. Of course, if you find one of theContinue reading “Back to the Big Think”

It’s Party O’Clock in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room!

If just one person believes in youDeep enough, and strong enough, believes in youBefore you know it, someone else will think“If he can do it, I can do it” Typically on a Monday, we bring you a Big Think entry; a piece by one of us that highlights our own relationship with the theme forContinue reading “It’s Party O’Clock in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room!”

Happy 202nd Birthday, Walt Whitman

By Andrew Rimby The Ivory Tower Boiler Room is full of Whitmanic energy as we celebrate Whitman’s 202nd birthday on May 31st! As I (Andrew) am writing this, I’m currently visiting my family in South Jersey and am about 15 minutes away from Whitman’s family tomb in Harleigh Cemetery (in Camden, see below). While IContinue reading “Happy 202nd Birthday, Walt Whitman”

Meet Mary

By Mary DiPipi Last October, I had gotten an invite to join a Facebook group from an old friend from musical theatre camp. We hadn’t talked in years, liking each other’s posts here and there. At first, I was skeptical. Most times you get an invite to a Facebook group, it’s usually someone trying toContinue reading “Meet Mary”

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