Introducing our Weekly Featured Author

All of us in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room are very proud and excited to share with you a new page on our website: each week we will be featuring the work of a new writer, starting with Judy Russ. You can find her work here And if you would like to submit your workContinue reading “Introducing our Weekly Featured Author”

Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss

Terri Muuss is a practicing social worker, as well as a poet, director, and much else besides. Muuss’s social work blends with her avocation for poetry and theater; both deal extensively with healing from trauma. Given that yesterday (7/14/21) we dropped a new interview on our podcast dealing with the same subject, we thought thatContinue reading “Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss”

We have a blog!

We have a blog! And it is our distinct pleasure to introduce it to all of you! There has been a real atmosphere of excitement at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room surrounding the creation of this website in general, and this blog in particular. Andrew, who is usually so reserved, has been positively giddy, andContinue reading “We have a blog!”